Book-Worm Wednesday – Patchwork Style

This week’s book is …

Patchwork Style 
35 Simple Projects for a cozy and colorful home
Suzuko Koseski
I wanted to love this book. It had the look of one of those Japanese pattern books (it actually is one of those, just translated to English) so I had high hopes. The pictures are very beautiful, but does it make sense if I call them too styled for my taste? I have a hard time believing anyone’s house really looks like that, and the pictures don’t really help you figure out how to make the project. Plus, Why are the girl’s eyes closed in half the pictures, and why does she keep sniffing things? (If I did that my husband might have me committed!) We all know that “odd” photography can turn people off right away, but I forged on.
{All pictures are from the book}
Here are the projects the book contains separated into the 5 techniques…

Log Cabin
– change purse
– mini bag
– quilt
– pillow cover

– 3 flowered bags
– change purse
– metal frame bag
– coasters
– place mats
– trays

Patchwork Squares
-mini bag
– tote
– lap quilt
– fan bag & mini fan bag
– tissue case
– party bag (red or blue)
– shoulder bag
– pillow cover
– quilt

Free Stitching
– tissue case
– pillow cover
– lap quilt
– pot holders

Square Applique
– shoulder bag
– curtains
– tote
– folded or flat pot holders
– tissue case
– apron
– floor mat

Yeah, I know you probably didn’t read the list. (me either) All told that’s 16 bags, 4 quilts, 3 pillow covers, 3 tissue cases and 6 coaster/mat projects. Maybe it is just a “quilter”thing, but I found this book really boring. Why do I need to know 3 different ways to cover a pack of tissues? Do you guys really own tiny packs of kleenex? Let alone cover them? (I might have a few waded up in my jacket pocket!)

The fabrics didn’t even seem very “fun” or exciting. Most of the bags didn’t look like anything I would carry around, and there weren’t any projects that made me think “Hey, maybe I should learn to quilt. I’d love to make one of those!” I’m not gonna lie to you. I didn’t even bother to look at any of the directions to figure out if they were easy to follow or not.

Over all, this book was a disappointment for me. I’m gonna have to give it ☆☆☆star. I’m not giving up though, there are several other books in the “translated from Japanese” series, and I hope to find at least one great one among them!

From everything I’ve read, there seems to be an equal split for the like/dislike of this book. Have you seen or bought it? What were your feelings about it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Reading!
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One thought on “Book-Worm Wednesday – Patchwork Style

  1. Hmm, I may have to rethink my posing methods for pictures, as I usually find something to sniff and close my eyes whenever I see a camera 😉 I hate it when a book doesn't live up to my expectations! But I will say, I like her striped wrap-around dress . . . but I doubt there's a pattern for that in the book 🙁

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