Braided Strap Dress

I mentioned a few days ago that while I was trying to make a pattern for these dresses, my first attempt was a total fail. That sad ball of ruined knit sat on the corner of my desk just begging to be thrown away, but I knew I’d be mad at myself if I did. There had to be a way to salvage it. Then I came across this dress with braided straps from Make it &Love it. Ashley used an old t-shirt for hers, but maybe, just maybe, it would work for my knit mess!

How much do you love that farmer’s tan?

It turned out a little large (which is saying something on this ones chubby lil tush), but will most likely fit pretty well come spring time. I’m still contemplating whether or not to add the criss-cross straps because she doesn’t seem to be showing off enough back to do them justice. (ie. I made my braids too big) Without that detail though, it seems a little lacking. This fabric just seems out to get me. Did I mention that I had Reli in the dress for 20 min. while I tried to figure out the strap length? Then I realized that I had it on backwards!

Maybe if I take a break from it that “pop” factor that this dress really needs will come to me. There should be plenty of time to figure it out between now and next spring! I didn’t want to hem it either since I don’t know how tall she might grow, but I’m kinda liking the baby maxi dress look.

And, this is just a little taste of what a “photo shoot” is REALLY like around here ; )

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One thought on “Braided Strap Dress

  1. Cute dress! She will grow into and be able to use it as a t-shirt when she is older! 🙂 I love the pictures of her in the basket! That is how Aubrey likes to play

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