Flip Flop Ideas

Thanks so much for the comments You all left on my Feedback post on Friday! If you missed it, PLEASE to go back and add any suggestions you have. I’m always interested in what you guys would like to see more of.
We went away this weekend, and have had a little trouble getting back into our regular routine this morning, but hopefully things return to normal quickly. More about that tomorrow, but in the mean time here’s something I forgot to share a while back.


Back when we went to the beach I made Reli a pair of flip flops (that she never wore),
but forgot to post what I added to the soles.

I can’t tell you how badly I wanted a picture of those little turtle tootsies scrambling across the shore, but it just wasn’t meant to be. You’ll have to simply use your imagination and picture how cute that would have been 🙁

I got the idea from this picture on pinterest. How did we remember anything before that came along? Michelle from Green Acres Hobby Farm shares a quick little tutorial on how to get these little foam critters to stick and what to do if you want to give it a try with letters. think mirror images
And, since I’m trying to hold on to what feels like a fleeting summer, 
here are a few other interesting ideas I’ve seen around involving flip flops. 

Have you seen any other flip flop projects lately that you’d like to share?
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