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I’ve been wanting to see Harry Potter since the night it came out, but since we don’t know anyone around here to watch Reli I’ve had to wait. I’m sure it’s not as hard to find a babysitter as I think it is, but for some reason I’m just not “into it”. (Does that make sense?) So in order for Ant and I to go together to the movies we have to take a trip up to visit Pappy.

We drove up to my Dad’s Friday night, and Reli put up quite the fight about going to sleep. It ended up being well after 11pm before I even got in bed, and she still wasn’t sleeping then! I’m not sure what time she actually passed out, but she woke us up bright and early at 6:30 am. If you have to be awake that eary you might as well make use of it, so we all headed off to a flea market. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything I “had to have” so we only go a few golden books that I remembered from way back when.

(Looks like she’s dancing to the single ladies video right? Oh Oh Oh!)

By the time we were finished with the flea market it wasn’t even 10am so we had plenty of time to make our next stop at my Grandparents house. I just like to go there and chat with my Gramma, and show her the projects that I’ve been working on lately. Then we sit and listen to my Grampa complain about whatever it is that’s on his nerves recently. (He’s kinda the cranky sort ; ) Then after lunch we headed off to visit my Aunt  Pete and little cousins. (They’re 9 & 13, but still little to me!) We finally returned home in time to have supper and head off to the movies.

Usually when my Dad watches Reli, she is already asleep for the night before we even leave the house, but it was only 45 min. before her bedtime and Dad said he could handle it. Ant, Tyler (my lil brother) and I FINALLY headed off to see Harry! I called Dad right before the movie started, and he said he was doing fine, so that was that.


I liked the last chapter of the series, but can’t say I LOVED it. I was a fan of the books, and 99% of the time I’ll choose the book over the movie version. It’s all in the details for me. But, it was a good ending for the movies none the less. My favorite part was when the “good” professors were building the protection around the school, and the “bad” guys started trying to break through it. I just kept thinking “This is so beautiful! It looks just like fireworks.” (yea, I’m a dork, but you gotta love special effects.)

Movie over and heading home, I pull in the drive way asking “Why are there so many lights on?”

The answer, My daughter likes to make my life as difficult as possible and woke up 2 min. before we got home. The kicker is that she never really went back to sleep after that. She has never slept in bed with us EVER, and there she was kicking me in the ribs at 4 in the morning! You can probably imagine how much I wanted to ring her little neck when I got less than 4 hrs of sleep and then had to make the 2 hr drive home.

Freaks me out every time I look at it! : P

So now that we are home, the sleeping/napping routine is on the mend, and I feel like I will NEVER be able to catch up. Don’t you hate when that happens?! The next time I want to go to the movies, someone please remind me just to find a babysitter that will come to me, or wait for the darn Netflix. It just isn’t worth it!

Sorry for the terribly long ramble about nothing. I promise, I will make it up to you with a few more video tutorials later in the week!

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