I could really use your help…

First off, I need to vent a little. I am writing this post for the 2nd time now because somehow the first draft got deleted. I was doing my final edit before checking it off my list of “ready” posts, when I saw a phrase I wanted to change. Long story short, I fixed the wording, but then hit the “go back” button to make sure I had actually made it better.

Reli at 1 month
I am now staring in shock at a completely BLANK screen! “Oh no.” (auto save) “OH NO!” Quick scramble, refresh a half dozen times, lots of yelling “COME BACK!!!!”, goggle a solution. Every article I found on recovering a post draft basically said “You’re Screwed. Sorry for your luck!” (please pardon my lang.) It may seem completely irrational, but I wanted to throw something. My day had already been exhausting, and pretty crappy in the first place, now this! So, I told Ant to “Just walk away.” when he approached, and here I sit ranting to you now.
“What Happened?”
I’m trying to remember all the important points that I had in the original post, and am failing miserably. So I ask your forgiveness ahead of time if what follows is a trifle less than eloquent. 
Since the Keyhole Dress is finally done I’m at a bit of a loss about what direction to take my posting in. It isn’t that I lack ideas (I have those out my ears!), but I would like to know what it is that you, as my readers, are interested in seeing. Some of my favorite posts receive little attention, while the posts that I think of as “ehh” get the most comments. (Really, sink stitch. Who knew?)

“Hmmm…Is that so? Tell me more.”
ANY feedback that you could give, even if it is as simple as why you continue visiting me, would be GREATLY appreciated. Below are a few of the questions that are currently buzzing around my brain.
Are the sewing technique videos helpful and would you want to see more of them?
If yes…
Did you like seeing a garment made using the techniques that were shared?
(shirring makes the shirred top or skirt. piping, buttonholes, sink stitch makes the keyhole dress.)
Would you prefer to learn the techniques during a sew along?
(Mon. make the pattern, Tues. learn french seams and sew the skirt with them, Wed. learn to use piping and attach it, etc)
Was it better to have a few days to practice before starting the actual project?
Would you like to see some new techniques used to make women’s clothing?
Would you be interested in learning how to draft a basic pattern set for yourself?
(and then use them to make things like a pencil skirt, a-line dress, pair of slacks, etc.)
Are you more interested in learning to draft a basic pattern set for your children?
(and see how to manipulate them into different styles: basic bodice into raglan, wrap, tank top. etc.)
Be honest, do you really just come around because you pity me?  
Is it for the pictures of the cute kid? ; )
But seriously, 
What would keep you happily coming back? I’m all ears!
Thank you so much for listening to my little rant, and Thanks in advance for what I know will be some amazingly helpful comments! I feel blessed to have such wonderful followers. I really do.
Now I’m gonna take a page from the little ones book and . . . nap.
Have a great weekend!
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4 thoughts on “I could really use your help…

  1. I just made a pleated dress and it didn't turn out how I hoped. Could there be a pleated video tut in that brain of yours? Also, I like how you do the videos with the garment and I have time for practice. By the time I got to the dress I was already a pro at the french seam which I had been doing wrong before. Finally, it would be nice to do a mommy project! I am in need of some pants and don't know how to make them, so it would be fun to learn trousers! Ha! Bet ya didn't see that coming


  2. Hmmm. Well, I'm a pretty new follower, so I guess I don't have much to contribute since I've only seen a few posts so far. But no matter the blog, I always love seeing what people are sewing for themselves and their kiddos (whether it includes a tutorial and instructions or not), and I'm interested in learning more about pattern drafting. And I really enjoyed your book review the other day, too 🙂

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