Snapshot Sunday – Sleep In

I know this is an awfully late post, but considering what we did all day, it’s pretty amazing I made it to the computer at all. It was just one of those lounge in bed days!  
If I pretend I’m sleeping maybe it’ll lose interest and go away.

Maybe NOT!

I just wish I had gotten a picture of us all laying in bed reading the funny papers. It was hilarious though that Ant thought I was actually getting some rest. lol. Who ever has a “restful” time with a toddler in the bed? At one point she was even giving me a pig nose and looking for boogies. How relaxing! 😛 
I hope your weekend was more peaceful than mine!

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2 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Sleep In

  1. Haha, I agree about not getting rest with the little one in bed. I think the short snuggle you get is worth the kicks, jumps, knees to the stomach, hair pulled, & ribs jabbed.

    Oh How I miss the days of waking up when I want to =)

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