Tank Dress: I wouldn’t call it a fail exactly…

If you are a SAHM you know that there are days when you don’t bother to brush your hair, let alone put on real clothes. I’ll be the first to admit that my uniform consists of 95% pajamas. I know, it’s terrible. Getting dressed makes you feel better about yourself…yada…yada…yada. I’ve heard/read/said it all before, and told myself that “This will be the month that I get dressed everyday!” (Yeah right! It’s like a diet to me.) 
But the reality is that I have ALWAYS been this way. Back in high school when I’d get home, in college when classes were done for the day, in the “real world” when I got back from work. . . It didn’t matter what hour of the day it was. As soon as I got into my house I’d jump right into my jammies. What can I say? I NEED to feel comfortable when I’m at home. (I really hope someone out there can relate.)
That being said, I never leave the house wearing them. I will NEVER be that person you see at the grocery store or walmart who is wearing PJ’s and slippers like they just rolled out of bed in aisle 7! (Ok, so there was that one time when I was 9 mo. pregnant, but I bet you’ll forgive me for that one. Oh, and that time when Reli was sick in the middle of the night and I had to run to the store for medicine before they closed. But you can see why those would be major exceptions right! lol) So what the heck does all this have to do with well, ANYthing? 

The answer is pretty simple. I wanted to make some more pajamas! It has been so hot that I haven’t been able to wear my normal PJ pants. (Yes, I wear the pants in the summer, and I use a heavy blanket too. poor circulation or something.) For this reason I only own 2 pairs of jammie shorts, and they have been getting a work out. But,Then I remembered this dress that I wore so much when I was pregnant.

I would have modeled it for you, but it is sorta see through, so I’m really saving you from a horrifying sight! I wanted to make something similar, but with a little more left to the imagination if you know what I mean. Something like these…

After digging through my fabric stash I found some leftovers from this shirt and also some $2 rib knits that I’d bought awhile back. I tried the stripe fabric first, but forgot to check the amount of stretch and ended up with something that would have fit a 10 yr. old. FAIL! So after much draping on my own body (gotta get a dress form!) and “honey, come pin this for me!”, I had a decent enough pattern to make 2 usable nightgowns.
I added the woven bias tape to the neck and arm holes to keep them from stretching out too much, and because I thought the pop of color looked cute. This only works because I don’t need the neck hole to stretch for me to get it over my head, so you couldn’t do this on everything, but I lucked out. 
I really wanted to share a tutorial for this dress since it’s so versatile, but  there are so many factors (fabric stretch, bust size, etc.) that it wasn’t as easy as I had planned. Hopefully once I make a few more out of different kinds of knit I’ll have something to share, but in the mean time you’re just gonna have to take my word on it that they are super comfortable. It just might have found a new uniform!
Thanks for visiting, and Happy lounging!

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4 thoughts on “Tank Dress: I wouldn’t call it a fail exactly…

  1. I'm totally digging this idea! It looks so much cuter with the bias tape – and how genius that it keeps the tank from stretching! I need that! When I put my knit tanks ON they fit…but a few hours later after being active & toting my kids around, they're all stretched out. Not too attractive. This is a great solution!! I'm pumped that you shared this! Thank you!!!

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