Tasty Tuesday – Stuffed Peppers

It feels like forever since I’ve posted a recipe, but things have started to calm down around here so I figured it was about time to get back on schedule.

Last night I made Stuffed Peppers for dinner. Ant added it to the menu this weekend, but if I’m being honest, it was a great way to empty the leftover bits and pieces from the fridge. A few nights ago we had tacos, and  Ant cooked a whole pound of ground beef for them. Needless to say we didn’t even come close to finishing it all, so I had a good supply of already cooked beef on hand. We also always have a half and onion chilling in the fridge (which is usually pushed to the back and forgotten) so I finished that off. Next came the 3/4 can of diced tomatoes that I can’t remember how long ago I opened, and a small container (maybe 1/3 cup-ish) of chicken broth. 
I started with this recipe, but really ended up just making it up as I went along working with what we had. 

This is what you can do if your husband is brilliant
and buys tall skinny peppers that don’t stand up!

First I browned the onions. Then added the pre-cooked beef, tomatoes, chicken broth, worcestershire, some garlic powder, a bit of Italian herb mix, and a dash of onion powder since it didn’t look like the onion I had used was enough (and I was too lazy to cut up another one ; ). 
Once the rice was finished cooking I mixed that in too until it just “looked like enough” and gave the rest to Reli. I sprinkled cheese in the bottom of my boiled peppers, and spooned the mix right in. I skipped the “gravy” step all together since the juice from the tomatoes and the chicken broth were already in there. Sprinkle more cheese on top, and pop it in the oven.

I know this isn’t the most “instructional” recipe you’ve ever seen, but I’m just letting you know that you don’t have to follow the link above to the T in order for it to turn out right. (And I thought this next bit was pretty cool.) 
What do you do when you have way more stuffing than you have peppers? I chopped the pepper that is always leftover when you cut the tops off and mixed it with my extra beef/rice mix. Then layered it with the cheese in some little casserole type dishes I got from my Gramma. Aren’t they cute? I have no idea how they are gonna taste, but I don’t imagine it will be too different. (Besides, Ant eats anything!)

What recipes do you like to make when you want to “clean out the fridge”?

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