Book-Worm Wednesday – Linen Wool Cotton

My week kinda got off track a little yesterday due to some Dr. appointments. So I decided to share a book review today instead of my “regularly scheduled program”. (Doesn’t seem to be very regular at all now does it?)

The book for this week is…

Linen Wool Cotton
25 simple projects to sew with natural fabrics
Akiko Mano
A few of you may remember the Patchwork Style book that I reviewed a while back. I was completely underwhelmed by that book, but promised to look into the others in the Make Good: Crafts+Life series, and this is it. And while I can’t say that this book was exactly thrilling, we are getting a bit better. (The model still doesn’t look at the camera, but at least she doesn’t look drugged! lol)
My first impression was precisely “BLAH.” All the fabrics are shades of pale blue, grey, white, and natural. BLAH. And the projects are so simple. (duh, says that on the cover) But, I eventually decided that this would be a pretty good book for beginners. You won’t be distracted by wild prints and complicated details, and you can really impose your own personality into the projects listed below. 
Sarong Apron
Hanging Pockets
Slouch Bag
Floor Mat
Hand Towel
Small Bag
Wastebasket Cover
Hot Water Bottle Cover
Sweets Mat
Duvet Cover
Lap Blanket
Lingerie Case
Messenger Bag
Lunch Bag
Dish Towels
Parent & Child Bags
Fruit Bags
Apron (cover)

I did like a few of the projects…

The Muffler
I just really like the lace, buttons and plaid together.
Very cozy and reminds me of my dad’s flannel shirts.

The Pillowcases
I know it’s hard to see, but they have buttons to keep the pillow inside.
The Handkerchiefs
Also hard to see, but the one with the A uses the hemstitch
 to make a few rows of little holes in the linen.

In the end I’ll give this book ☆☆☆stars for beginners and basic projects, but I’m still not getting too excited about it. (I admit to being more interested in the model’s clothes than the projects. Oh well.) There are still a few more books in this series though, and I’ve got high hopes that the one on children’s clothes can turn this whole thing around.

Maybe the problem is that I keep finding books with the word “simple” in the title. I’m gonna write my own book. Who’s up for the Super Complicated and Wickedly Difficult Sewing Book of DOOM? Would you buy it? lol

Happy Reading!
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One thought on “Book-Worm Wednesday – Linen Wool Cotton

  1. I have the same issue with sewing books . . . they're all so dang SIMPLE that they all have the same boring projects! I wouldn't mind complicated if it meant seeing something a little more original. I'd buy your sewing book of doom 😉

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