Rain, rain . . . GO AWAY!

Some of you along the central east coast may be harboring the same sentiment right about now. It rained here in Virginia for almost a solid week, and there are more thunderstorms predicted in the days to come! If you have toddlers, you know how crazy it can be locked up with no hope of releasing all that pent-up energy. (Kids and You too!) And, since Reli isn’t exactly the “play by myself” kind of kid, I’ve been spending 90% of my day trying to keep her entertained. (You know it’s BAD when even Wall-e isn’t working anymore!)

So, I decided to try doing something that would keep Reli busy for a little while, and also make Mommy happy at the same time. Any ideas? Here’s a hint…

See my little helper and her fake chocolate bar?

Yep, Bake a Chocolate Cake!

I get some much deserved chocolate, and she gets to say “chocolate” a lot which for some reason makes her very excited and willing to go along with anything. ; )

Since I grew up less than an hour and a half from Hershey Park, that has always been my all time favorite brand of chocolate. So I went straight to the Hershey website to find the perfect cake recipe for our first mommy – daughter baking adventure. The one I ended up choosing is called the Black Magic Cake, and don’t let the addition of coffee to the batter scare you off. It really brings out the chocolate flavor, and there is no coffee taste at all! (Trust me, I think coffee tastes gross in general, and I never drink it!)

This was one of the most moist cakes I have ever baked! Even at the end of the week, it was still soft and gooey and delicious. The only negative feed back I received was from Ant who was upset that there wasn’t enough frosting. I made the Chocolate Fudge Frosting and it was just barely enough to get a thin cover on the cake. I’m more interested in the cake than the frosting, so I thought it was good, but Ant is the opposite and wanted it doubled “next time”. Either way, I definitely suggest giving this recipe a shot the next time a major chocolate craving strikes!

So what do you guys do when you’re stuck inside with the kids on a rainy day?
We have already lost interest in every puzzle, book, and toy we own, watched every available episode of Sesame Street on Netflix, colored dozens of pictures, memorized the name of all the animals in the little people zoo and farm, and learned to sing the alphabet! I’m drawing a giant blank on new activities for this little bugger. Reli isn’t quite 2 so most of the “preschool” activities I am finding are just a tiny bit too advanced.  If I don’t find something to keep her busy soon, I’m never going to be able to get any crafting done! lol

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7 thoughts on “Rain, rain . . . GO AWAY!

  1. Give her a bowl of dried beans, some spoons & cups and you'll have at least 20 minutes to yourself =) The first time I gave Lyla dry beans to "scoop" she was mesmerized (I think she was 1 month shy of 2 years). There will probably be a mess to clean up afterwards, but have her sit on a blanket & that will help with the clean up. Lyla's actually scooping beans right now 😉

  2. Mmmm. that cake looks so good!

    When we are bored (and can't go to the park) we call up our neighbor who is close to the same age as Zekey to see what they are up to.

  3. That looks amazing. Perfect, actually. I love baking, I prefer it much more than cooking. 🙂 I'm so glad you shared this @ Show & Share, hope to see more from you!

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