Random Weekend Vent

A few of you (very few) may remember back to this post where I pretty much complained about my husband hijacking my car and leaving me stranded at home all day every day. (I am NOT a one car family gal!) Well, we have been looking (maybe not hardcore) but things just never seem to work out. So far we have been scheduled to look at 4 cars that we really liked.


The first one sold before we got to look at it.

The second one was a pretty skeezy situation. The guy said he’d be home, but then wasn’t and when we called he said “Oh, it’s in my wife’s name, talk to her.” Then the wife told us she was too busy to deal with us. Sorry No! I don’t really want to do business with you anyway thanks!

The third ended up being about a 3 hr. drive from our house. I didn’t LOVE it and didn’t really want to spend 6 hrs in a car with a 1 year old, so I cancelled.

Then today we decided the heck with anniversary plans. We need a car!
Yesterday we left a message with the dealer that said we would like to come see carX.
They called back, “No problem. When can you come over?”
US – ” If you’re open we’ll come tomorrow morning.”
Them – “Great! We’ll have it all ready and see you at 10am.”

this morning…
(names have been changed to protect the innocent ; )

Me -“Hi, we’re looking for Maria. She’s got a car to show us.”
Them – “Ok, this way.”
Maria – “Oh, you’re early! Let’s take a walk over to look at the car”

Maria to Bob “Where’s carX?”
Bob –  “You mean this one?”
Maria – “No, CarX. The silver one.”
Bob – “We sold it.”
Maria  – “WHEN!”
Bob – “Like 2 days ago I think.”
Maria – “Oh my gosh, I’m so embarrassed! The manager really gave me the OK yesterday morning.”

Me to Ant – “Strike out again. Maybe I’ll get a car before Christmas.”

If it is this hard buying a car, I really don’t even want to think about buying a house!
Hope you are all having a more productive weekend.
Happy Labor Day!
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One thought on “Random Weekend Vent

  1. Im a see it, like it, gotta have it kinda girl. I bought the first car I saw and put an offer on the first house we looked at ( but it wasn't accepted, we low balled lol!)

    Good luck!!!

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