Book-Worm Wednesday – Witch Craft

Ok, so I know it’s not Wednesday, but I really had to at least mention this book before Halloween has come and gone. 
Witch Craft:
Wicked Accessories, Creepy-Cute Toys,
Magical Treats, and More!
By Margaret Mcguire and Alicia Kachmar
If you have a love for the creepy and crafty like I do, you really should check out this book. It is full of recipes, decorations, toys, and accessories collected from across the web just for your spooky get together.  I wanted desperately to make one of the projects below, but didn’t have the supplies handy (or maybe it was the ambition). Even though Halloween is my favorite holiday, I haven’t gotten around to the decorating and costume making this time, but I’ll definitel keep these ideas in mind for the bash next year!
Poison apple anyone?
These little bats are my absolute favorite!

I love her pink hair, but wouldn’t bright green be awesome too?
Since I know not everyone participates in Halloween, I’m not going to give this book a star rating like I usually do. I’m just going to list the projects inside for anyone interested. Just know, I thought it was an adorable little find. You may have seen some of the projects around the blog circuit, but it’s still worth a peek anyway.

Headbands and Corsages
Bottled Potions
Marshmallow Skulls
Crochet Bones
Cross-stitch Jewelry (witch, pumpkin, ghost)
Crystal Balls (snow globes)
Graveyard Cupcakes
Felted Dracula Candy Bowl
“Finger” Food
Fuzzy Bats
Ghost Toast (croutons)
Good Witch (crochet doll)
Cupcake Toppers
Knitted Spider and Web Hat
Wicked Tutus
Catnapping Mask
PB&J Skull Sandwiches
Plush Poison Apples
Poison Ivy Lip Balm
Ruby Slippers
Felt Ghost Brooches
Beaded Spider Earrings
Tangerine Jack-o’-Lanterns
Paper Garlands
Vampire Bite Necklace
Creepy Mary-Janes
Witches Brew Punch

Wishing everyone a Fun and Safe Halloween weekend!
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