Fall Festival

Since we moved down here to Virginia, I’ve been on the look out for fun family outings for us to go on. We managed a trip down to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum for my birthday, and also a fun visit to the National Zoo, but since the weekends have been mainly devoted to grocery shopping and errands, we haven’t gotten out as much as I’d like. 

So Monday, Ant took the day off work so we could all go to a pumpkin farm about 15 min. from our house. Cox farms wasn’t exactly what I was thinking about when I was planning to pick out a pumpkin, but we all had a wonderful time! In the end it was probably much more fun for Reli than going out in a field just to pick a pumpkin and turn around to go home. 
This was much more of a Fall Festival since they don’t grow their own pumpkins on site. There are dozens of slides, large and small, a hayride, farm critters to pet/feed, a corn maze, straw bale tunnels, and the all important apples, cider, and kettle corn. They also let you pick out a tiny little pumpkin for each person on the way out (which was large enough for our purposes) or you can buy the larger carving pumpkins by the pound. 

I don’t think I’ve been in so many pictures since my wedding, but Ant was trying to figure out how to use the new “fancy” camera for most of the day. I think we ended up with over 300 shots of the top of Reli’s head before the day was over. (Anyone know how to get a 2 yr old to actually look at the camera? ; )

Over all we spent an amazing four hours out in the beautiful sunshine with smiles on our faces.
(We haven’t seen anything but rain in weeks, and we actually got a little sun burned!)
I hope the rest of you are all able to get out and enjoy the fall season 
with the pumpkins, apples, or even just the colorful leaves!

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3 thoughts on “Fall Festival

  1. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I think finding the "things to do" is one of the challenges of moving to a new place. Glad you all could make a fun family memory =)

  2. I love those slides! That looks like so much fun! AS far as getting a two year old to look at the camera – get a funny noise maker – kuzoo or sparkly little pompom – something little that you can shake or make a noise with… but only get it out when it is picture time. YOu might get her looking the first couple of times at least – keep it new and different each time. Try the dollar store! Thanks for coming by Cookie and Claire the other day!

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