Football and BBQ

So, Anthony got into the whole Fantasy Football thing with his co-workers this year and I have to admit that I’ve been getting sucked into the games a bit more than I had expected. Football is the only sport that I take any interest in (probably because I actually know the rules & such after the 4 years I spent cheering on my high school boyfriend), but Ant and I never watched anything other than the Super Bowl. This year I’m sucked in all day Sunday and half of Monday night until I just get too tired to care anymore. (around 9pm)

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The really odd part is that I feel like we have to have that “tailgate party” atmosphere that normal people have when they get their friends together to watch the game. The only difference is that we have no friends ; ) But, that hasn’t stopped me from busting out the crock pot each Sunday to make chili or some such dish.

This past weekend I wanted to try something I’ve never made before and decided “What could be more “tailgate” than pulled pork?” Enter the strangest (but evidently most amazing) recipe I’ve ever made. What did I do? 


I used a pork shoulder since they are cheaper,  but I guess you could use a tenderloin if you wanted too. Toss the meat in the crock pot and pour root beer on top of it. Yes, ROOT BEER! (about 6 fl oz for each pound of meat) Set the temp to low, and let it simmer for 6-7 hours until the meat is done. Then you pour out the root beer, shred the pork, and dump it back in the pot with whatever bottled bbq sauce is your favorite. (about 9 oz sauce per lb) Stir it all up and let it soak together, and in about a half hour you’re ready to eat what Ant called “The best pork sandwich he has ever had!” (Of course I forgot to take a picture, but I guess pork BBQ all looks the same.)

I couldn’t believe it. Never in a million years would I have ever thought to cook pork in root beer. I don’t actually cook pork that often, but still. It just sounds weird doesn’t it? Why does it seem so much different than cooking beef in coffee or pineapple? I sure don’t know, but I have 9 more lbs of pork in the freezer (Thanks a lot CostCo) that are never going to have the chance to be anything but BBQ!

Have any of you ever tried this before, and what did you think?
What is the strangest recipe you have ever made?
And… Got any ideas for a dish for next Sunday?
I’m thinking maybe wings, or ribs, or spinach-artichoke dip, or empanadas, or…

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One thought on “Football and BBQ

  1. My husband does fantasy football, too. He started the league that he is in – so he is SUPER in to it, too. Unfortunately, football bores me to tears :(.

    I am more of a basketball girl because that is what my brothers played. Maybe when basketball season comes around I can create some mini tail-gate parties ;).

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