Where did the time go?

I know every Mom says the same thing when this time of year rolls around, but . . .
I really can’t believe that my BABY is 2 years old today!
We aren’t doing much today since we are headed to my Dad’s for a party this weekend, but I did want to do something a little bit special just to get her excited when we said Happy Birthday. And, since Reli had such a great time last week with a balloon they gave here at the party store, I figured why not try for that same reaction on a bigger scale. So, Ant and I spent last night blowing up 40 odd balloons to fill Reli’s room with. (I say blowing, but I bought a $4 balloon pump just so I wouldn’t burst a lung. I know, I’m a sissy. Ant had to use his “manpower” though and I thought he was gonna pass out!)
Then at 6:55am I’m laying in bed and hear BALL!BALL! AHHHHHHH! 
Ant was still in the bathroom getting ready, so I waited for him to come out and over Reli’s continuous shrieks of delight said “I think your daughter is awake…”
I find it hilarious that at 2 yrs old, Reli still hasn’t figured out a way to escape her crib. She can get her leg up and over the rail, but is too leery of the fall to go any farther. So this is what we walked in on…
That last thing she sings before saying bye is “wike bawoons! I wike to bifday cake!”
Needless to say, she continued in this fashion for more than an hour until I made her sit down for breakfast. Then once we were done eating she was right back at it. Who knows, if I’m lucky, maybe she’ll be busy with those balloons until nap time and I can finally clean the house! (Or catch up on gossip girl)

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