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Gift wrapping time is upon us, and I’ve decided to scan through all those awesome ideas that I have pinned away on Pinterest for any tips and tricks that will make my presents look their best. 
So far one of the most useful tricks I’ve found is a post by Maize Hutton about using a power drill to turn crepe paper streamers into twine! I know most of you probably have rolls of this stuff leftover from some party, birthday, or other such event, and had no idea what you would ever use the rest of it for. Now we can put it to good use wrapping all those holiday presents!

I just so happened to have green, white, and blue streamers left over from Reli’s birthday party, so I grabbed the drill, a chopstick (short on dowel rods around here), and my trusty side kick to see what we could come up with.

I tried (top to bottom) even pressure, loose, really tight, 2 colors, 3 layers, and 3 layers of 3 colors. Some obviously worked better than others, but my very favorite experiment was taking 2 tiny twists and turning them into a peppermint swirl looking faux bakers twine.

Look just like the real thing Right?
And the process was super simple!

Put 2 twists into the drill and hold one in each hand

Have your helper turn on the drill while you slowly let the 2 twists wrap around each other.
Don’t go at super high speed, and hold the strings pretty taunt to give yourself a little more 
control and make the twirl more even.

 When you get to the end of the 2 pieces, go back to the beginning of the twist. 
Pinch and slide your fingers along the twist while your helper turns the drill on very slowly. 
(Using my sleeve helped keep my fingertips from getting raw!)

You can even combine whatever colors match your paper or decor! 
Now go start your holiday wrapping with your cool (cheap) baker’s twine!

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23 thoughts on “DIY Bakers Twine

  1. Who would have ever thought?? Awesome!! I would love for you to link this up at our link party…

  2. love this idea! i tried this and had success with an electric screwdriver as well. tried combining 2 colors and it didnt work as well but im not sure i did it right as i didnt go back over it once the twists were done.

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