Homemade Holiday Gifts – Bath Fizzies

Bath bombs.
They seem like such a luxurious treat. What Mom doesn’t dream about a long hot bath locked away in a soundproof room, or better yet, a day at the spa? I for one have never had that luxury. The last time I did something like have my nails done was before Reli was even born! It’s not that I don’t want to do something nice, it just seems like there isn’t any time. Someone always needs me for something, and if I don’t do it myself…well, it might never get done at all. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about right?
Well, since the baby back pain has arrived I’ve been sneaking baths whenever I can. It’s never quiet, I’m usually called out before the water cools, and someone always barges in, (usually to tell me that “Mommy has boobies!”) but these little bath bomb fizzie things seem like just what I need. That thing that is MINE. Mommy’s special off limits candy bar, glass of wine, smelly spray or that cookie dough that I’m not allowed to have!
I mean look at these cute little gingerbread guys. I could totally make a whole bunch of those for Christmas presents, and then just keep the extras for myself. It can’t be that hard…right? Right?  Wrong!

The process seems simple enough…

1 part citric acid + 2 parts baking soda 
add your scent and a few drops of coloring
spritz with water or witch hazel until you get the consistency of wet sand
pack into a mold and then let them dry thoroughly
(This is the basic mix, but if you google bath bomb/fizzies recipe you will find dozens of different additives.)

I bought a cute little flower mold just to make them, and I’ll be darned if those fizzies didn’t stick in there so tight that I had to scrape them out with a butter knife. Then I had a marvelous little pile of crumbles just perfect for holiday gifting. (definite need for a sarcasm font there!) So I ground up all the crumbles in the food processor and tried again. This second batch didn’t bind together and ended up crumbling right out of the silicone mold that I had used in anticipation of another stuck batch. After four tries I finally ended up with something acceptable for gifting! (at least to the family members)

I’m going to continue my efforts until I run out of citric acid, but it may just be more practical to mix the ingredients together and store them in a scoop-able jar once they are dried out. Much like the bath salts I made.

In the end it wasn’t exactly a fail, but I’m not entirely thrilled with the results either.
Have you ever made bath bombs before?  Did they give you this much trouble, or is it just me?
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9 thoughts on “Homemade Holiday Gifts – Bath Fizzies

  1. When I've made them, I've used a little sweet almond oil to help bind them (ahh don't tell anyone, but olive oil works fine, but can be strong in smell).

    And I have left them overnight in a dry spot to let them dry out.


  2. I made bath bombs for gifts too – and also had a bit of a hard time. I read that you should stop adding liquid when the mix sticks together if you squish it in your hand. As soon as it sticks together, put it in the molds. Drier is definitely better.
    I also read that you should take them out of the molds after only 3-4 minutes, but I left them in longer (10-15 min). Too long and they stuck to the molds and had to be scraped out.
    Even my best ones were a little flat on the bottom, but after 3 small batches, they were definitely looking better.
    Good luck! I will also be trying them until I'm out of citric acid.

  3. I love your post! Thank you for sharing the good and the bad! And we definitely need a sarcastic button! 🙂
    Would love it if you share these with my group today on my page!

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