Mini Miss Apron

If you’ve been around here before, you probably already know that Reli is a big fan of helping in the kitchen. 
So it should come as no surprise that she also makes a huge mess whenever she starts “cooking”.

The obvious answer then was to make her a mini apron to at least help cut back on the amount of extra laundry.
This is another one of her Christmas presents, and if the photos are any indication I think she is really going to enjoy it.
(I love how she will totally forget all about it by the time I’m done wrapping!) 

I was really hoping to get a tutorial made for this one before I posted it, but I always forget to take pictures while I’m working. Now a bunch of my projects have been giving me problems, and I’m so far behind that I’ll be lucky just to get everything done in time for Christmas! Oh well, add it to my never ending to-do list.

Have a great weekend!
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11 thoughts on “Mini Miss Apron

  1. I'm visiting from The Brassy Apple ~ goodness what a cutie you have there! When you have time please send me instructions ~ shire777(at)aol(dot)com
    No rush! I'm following you now"……..I also love to knit
    ~** Karen

  2. Super cute apron, and your girl is adorable too of course! 🙂
    It would be really sweet if the two of you matched, you definitely need to make one for yourself!
    I also keep forgetting to take pictures for tutorials. This week I actually remembered for a change… really proud of myself, haha!

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