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Ant brought it to my attention this week, and if you are an avid reader it is an awesome place to visit. I just signed up yesterday, but it is essentially a “Netflix” for books. You rate books that you’ve already read and they will give you recommendations about what you might like to read next. If you already have an account there, and would like to be friends, I think this link should get you to my page, or you can use I’d love to see what you guys are reading in your spare time!***

The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible:

Get the most out of your machine~
from using basic feet to mastering specialty feet
Wendy Gardiner and Lorna Knight

also the author of The Encyclopedia of Sewing Techniques that I reviewed over the summer.
I am in LOVE with this book and am adding it to my Birthday List right now!
(and at only $15 I better get it too ; )
If you are like me, you can never remember the difference between a 8/60 and a 14/90 needle. 
(Just as confusing to me as the blood pressure numbers!) Well, this book has a chart that tells you which size is which, what kind of fabric you should be using it with, AND what type of thread to use with each fabric. And don’t even get me started on the presser feet! With a complete run down of 29 different feet (along with extra tips on ways that you never thought of using them,) you’ll never be confused again! 
In the back is also a buyer’s guide for picking out a sewing machine, a quick overview of sergers, and a troubleshooting chart to help you resolve common stitch problems. If you are new to sewing, or even if you just have trouble remembering the ins and outs of the tools you’ve used dozens of times, this is one reference guide you need to check out!
I know I said that I had to have The Sewing Book, but that one is large, a bit pricey, and has A LOT of information about “how to sew”. This is a much more compact guide to the information you commonly forget once you already know how to sew.
☆☆☆stars – No Question.  I can absolutely see myself using this to double check my supplies before starting almost every new project. No more wonky seams or broken threads here. Yay!
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P.S. I got a few new presser feet for Christmas, and am hoping to have videos up next week about how to use them. Be sure to stop back if you are interested. They will be added to my tutorials page under the sewing techniques heading.

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