Door Draft Stopper

This is a door. (A very dirty door.)
Which is actually the only source of natural light in my apartment’s living/dining room area.
See the metal plate?
It is a VERY cold metal plate, and this is how I fix that…
Not a very attractive fix you say? 
Maybe someone crafty should do something about this situation.
I could always knit a prettier blanket!
Hmmm…Not exactly what you were thinking?
Oh, right. You don’t want to live in a deep dark cave.
Caulk? I run a mean line of caulk!
Nope? Ok, I’ll think of something I guess.
They make something specifically for this purpose?
Well imagine that…
Ok, so I may have had one too many hot chocolates this morning, but you get the idea right?
Now if you too have cold (and possibly dirty) door that needs a bit of help, here is what I did.
You’ll need:
– Two strips of fabric the length of your doorway plus about an inch and a half.
The top one (my green) should be the width of the metal plate you are trying to cover plus an inch and a half.
The bottom piece (my pink) should be the width of the metal plate.
– A bag of rice, beans, sand or even kitty litter. I used just over a 5 lb. bag of rice.
– Sewing machine
– Hand sewing needle with thread
– Embellishments (I used buttons and flower shaped scraps with heat and bond.)
Unfortunately some of my pictures of the process got lost so you’ll have to make due with this list, 
but you guys are smart enough to figure it out I’m sure!
1. Embellish the top piece of fabric to your liking.
I tried out the new open darning foot that I got form Ant for Christmas. 
Just draw something with your disappearing ink pen and use that line as your guide.
It takes a bit of practice, but hopefully we’ll go into this foot more next week in a video tutorial.

Follow the directions on the heat and bond package to make some flowers…
And then add a few buttons to make it pretty.

2. With right sides together, Sew one of the long sides.
3. Right sides still together, Sew the length of the other long side 
leaving a gap for filling somewhere in the center. 
Remember the green is wider than the pink, so you’ll have to readjust a little to make both sides line up.
4. Flatten the tube so the top fabric hangs evenly over the 
bottom fabric and sew both ends closed.
(see the picture below)
5. Turn the tube right side out through the gap you left open.
Use a pencil/chopstick to help push out the corners.
6. Fill with your choice of material.
7. Use the hand needle to close up the hole.
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