Even Feed / Walking Presser Foot

The Walking foot (also called the Even Feed or Dual Feed foot) uses a pair of feed dogs on the upper layer of your project in conjunction with the lower pair already on your sewing machine, to move layers of fabric at a steady rate. This prevents puckering and stretching caused when the pressure exerted by your normal foot pushes the top layer towards you while the lower layer is pulled through by the feed dogs from underneath.
It can be especially helpful when sewing…
Multiple layers . . . a quilt,
Matching patterns . . . stripes, plaids, etc.
A very long length of fabric . . . curtains, bedspreads,
Thick or Napped Fabrics . . . fleece, velvet, furs, or terry cloth,
Fabrics that stick, stretch or slip . . . leather, vinyl, knits, oilcloth, or satin.
And here is a little video to give you the basic idea of how this foot works.

Am I the only one who thinks that is super cool? I mean the foot pretty much does all the work for you!
Here is the link to the twin needle that I mentioned in the video. If you haven’t used one before, you should really check it out, because those are super cool too!


My walking foot was purchased from Amazon, but please remember that each machine is different and you will need to make sure the foot you choose fits your model sewing machine. Also, the feet themselves differ slightly in appearance, and the “white bar” I referred to in the video may be a bar with a crescent on the end on a different version. Yours may even come with a nifty guide bar like the one on the right.
Overall I found this foot super easy to work with, and definitely think that it is worth looking into if you
frequently use any of the fabrics listed above, or if you are a bit intimidated by sewing knits.
Don’t worry, I honestly find knits to be a bit temperamental too. : /
But no more…Watch out thrifted T-shirts!
And just in case you missed it, I recently added videos about how to change presser feet,
and the free motion foot to my tutorials page. Plus I’ll be adding a few more throughout the week.
Thanks for visiting, and happy sewing!
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