Have you tried this?

Most of you have probably seen one or both of these tutorials about “faux hemming” your jeans, 
but have you actually tried it? It’s awesome!
Hemming store-bought pants is probably one of my least favorite things to do. 
I’ve cuffed, safety pinned, even masking taped them in order to get out of actually fixing the problem.
(I know, that’s lazy, but it’s like when you can’t force yourself to sew on that missing button. It happens.)
But yesterday I finally got fed up with extra 5 inches that were dangling off the bottoms of my maternity jeans.(Yes 5! Did I miss a growth spurt somewhere?) 
I told Reli that we “absolutely could NOT go to the library until Mommy’s pants were fixed!” So we both sat down at the table with a pair. She held the ruler while I wielded the pins, and within half an hour we were off to the sewing machine. (Things like this tend to take a bit longer when you have toddler “help”.)
They aren’t perfect, but come on. Is anyone really going to be staring at the hem of my pants when there is practically a watermelon protruding from my middle? I didn’t think so. But at least I can wander through the stores hiking them up without tripping on them too. ; )
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