How to Change Presser Feet

I don’t think I mentioned it before (5 or 6 times ; )
but Ant got me some really cool presser feet for Christmas, and I’ve been dying to try them out.
And of course that means I also wanted to share with all of you guys just how awesome they are, so that you can get them for yourselves. I only just started playing around with them this weekend, and already I’m having major “Why didn’t I know about this before?!?!” moments. (kinda like the pattern weights ordeal)
So this week I’d like to introduce you to my new friends…
the Free Motion, Walking, Ruffler, and Tape Binding feet!
I made a few videos and will be helping you get to know more about these guys over the course of the week, but before I do that I wanted to make sure that everyone knows how to actually CHANGE the presser feet on your machine. I’m sure this kind of information is covered in your sewing machine manual, but I’ll be honest, I lost mine a looooong time ago. (thank goodness for internet downloads!) So just in case you lost your manual too, we can still all start on the same page.
Please, Just remember that each machine is unique, and what I show you in the video may differ slightly from yours. However, of all the machines I’ve worked with, (even industrial) this is one of the most standard processes. And if you are already confident in your “foot changing” abilities, feel free to just skip the video below and come back tomorrow to learn more abut the Free Motion foot!
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