Snapshot Sunday – Burst of Energy

So, This is what my desk looked like on Thursday,
 with over a dozen things on my work in project list.
Since then, I’ve finished 7 projects, and taken photos of 3 more!

Then I spent this morning making videos.
I hope you guys are as interested in “special” presser feet as I am, 
cuz they are coming your way this week!

I’m not sure where all this energy has come from, but I’ll take it.
Now it is finally time to kick up my feet and take a minute to cheer on my boys.
Hope you are all having productive weekends as well.
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4 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Burst of Energy

  1. Wow, I need a burst of energy like that! On a rather random note, where did you happen to get that red, wire shelf on your pegboard? I need something like that for a wall in my kitchen. Thanks!

  2. New visitor here! I found you after you were featured on Positively Splendid with your Washer Pattern weights. Been exploring your blog and LOVE it! I'm a beginner in the sewing department, but do have some projects under my belt. Always interested to learn from someone with more experience. I "pinned" your "how to draft" pattern pieces in hopes of making some dresses for my baby girl. I have little munchkins (4,2 & 9mos) so some days I can only dream of getting into my sewing room…haha! Gonna add you to my Google Reader and look forward to learning more from your blog 🙂

  3. I am a new visitor also finding you through positively splendid. You are very organized; No wonder you get so much accomplished even with a two year old. I am going to enjoy the presser feet series since I am a beginning sewist and need to understand all these gadgets.

  4. Yay, for bursts of energy! I felt like that last week, but am dragging this morning. I know nothing about presser feet so I'm really interested to see what you've been working on. I'm glad you're feeling well =)

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