Well, that’ll make anyone feel better!

First I just wanted to let you all know that the rest of the presser foot videos are on the way. I’ve been having a few technical difficulties with my editing program, but I think I’ve finally straightened all that out. 
Hopefully the next one will be ready for tomorrow.
Now, a totally random story that I figured some of you Mommies might sympathize with…
(Oh, and NO WAY is that my actual belly. My stretch marks will probably never be seeing the light of day!)
I was at the Dr.’s first thing this morning for my glucose test, and
everything was going fine until the Dr. got to the part about my weight. 
Evidently I have managed to gain more weight in the past 4 weeks than I have 
in the entire first 6 months of being pregnant!
How did that happen? Is he a mutant? 
I’m sorry, I know it is inevitable that I get LARGER, but that isn’t something anyone wants to hear!
Especially when Ant will be the first to attest that I eat like a bird even when I’m pregnant.
She did say that she expects the monkey to make an early arrival, but until then I’m blaming it on my shoes!
They probably added an extra pound or two right? Right?
I think I need a cookie ; )
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6 thoughts on “Well, that’ll make anyone feel better!

  1. Cute picture, Toni. Remember that you are eating for two!! Salt has a lot to do with water retention…also if you wore jeans, they can weigh almost 4 pounds. Just enjoy your pregnancy and don't worry about the weight, it will come off quickly after the birth of your little one. Hugs

  2. Actually you are NOT eating for two! Lol don't double portions because that's what makes weight gain. I'm super nervous to start gaining weight…. So not ready for it!

  3. Thanks everyone. This isn't something that I'm really stressing over, and I'm most definitely NOT doubling my intake at all. I just thought it was funny that everything expanded so quickly! I'm still well under what most people gain anyway, and it probably is 85% baby. Reli was 8.5 lbs. My family just doesn't grow em little ; )

  4. I gained 7 lbs. in one month and my dr. got a bit worried, but it really has evened out. I didn't gain any the first 4 months and I was still right on track with how much I gained during my first pregnancy. I say, as long as your glucose test is normal, your blood pressure remains stable and you're eating healthy, no worries! 🙂

  5. So if that is not your belly pic, when are we gonna get to see one of the real you! Don't be ashamed of those stretch marks…. we are all friends here.

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