I’m sure most of you haven’t even noticed my unexpected little hiatus, but for those who might have been sticking around hoping to see the baby projects I keep promising, I come bearing a simple explanation.

I have a sick toddler. Nuf said right?
I wish I could say it was something as simple as a cold or coughing, 
but I have been dealing with a full week of this…
and I’m NOT talking about potty training!

She doesn’t ACT sick, isn’t dehydrated, and isn’t in any pain (except a wicked bout of diaper rash. sorry, TMI?), but for some reason I have not been able to get her to nap more than once or twice all last week. So besides; running to every store in town trying to find overnight diapers in a size 6 that might contain the mess, preparing special “sick food” entrees, and working my way through the immense amount of laundry that has been created by the leakage situation, there has not been much energy left for crafting or blogging. 
In other news, the baby is a very strong kicker, has decided to be nocturnal, and is totally starting to get on my nerves. Literally! (Trust me, if you’ve never heard of sciatica, you REALLY don’t want to! LoL)

I desperately hope that the end of these trials is in sight, but both just seem to be “wait it out” kinds of problems. I’ll return with plenty of projects as soon as I can, but for now I might as well enjoy all the extra couch time and Disney movies. Ahh. . .the joys of motherhood.
Hope you are all having a more enjoyable week.
Try to stay healthy!
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