Snapshot Sunday – Build-A-Bear

It looks like the sickness we’ve been harboring around here for the past two weeks has 
FINALLY straightened itself out, and I for one could not be more happy to have a reprieve 
from the daily washing of sheets and screaming that accompanies the diaper rash of doom.
So to celebrate our families return to civilization, we decided to make a trip down to the 
closest Build-A-Bear Workshop so Reli could make a present for the baby.
Random Debate – What exactly do you call that outfit? Never knew we were so trendy!
 I say “hipster” (she had shades too!) but Ant says “baby grunge”.  Thoughts? ;D
When I was pregnant with Reli, Ant and I made her a little bunny especially from Mommy & Daddy.
We even did the goofy things with the heart that they have the kids do and stuffed in one for each of us.
Does that sound really corny? Maybe it’s the hormones, but I thought it was cute.

This time around we knew that we’d be making another critter for this baby, and figured that Reli would like to help. She had never been their before, and seemed a bit overwhelmed by the number of excited kids running around. But after spending some time just watching everyone else, I think she really enjoyed the experience. 

Now we have a special bear with three little hearts inside that Reli can give the baby when he gets here!
We better not have too many more kids or they’ll start charging us for all the extra hearts!
I know some people have the first pair of shoes bronzed, or make plaster hand and foot prints.
My Grandmother used to have a little ceramic bootie made with her baby’s “specs” painted on it.
Do you have any little traditions like this that you do when you’re getting ready to add to your family?
Do the older kids help you make something for the baby? Did it help them with the transition?
We’re still deciding if “the baby” will be getting a present for Reli too. Any suggestions?
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*This is not in any way a sponsored post. We just like stuffed animals.*
We’ve never actually purchased any of the accessories to go with them.

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