Striped Heart Dress (from T-shirts)

I’m not normally the type of Mom who has to dress her kid in a “special” outfit for every holiday that comes along. I like to be able to get as much use as possible out of the clothes that I put precious time into making, but when I saw this grey and red striped thermal at the thrift store the other day, I just knew that Reli would have something cute to wear for Valentine’s Day this year.

So I grabbed the thermal, and an XL red T-shirt from the men’s section.
And for less that $3 this is what I came up with!

The Striped Heart Dress
(don’t you love my super original name?)

I was hoping to do a Photo shoot with it today so we could send V-day pics out to family members, but of course, we woke up to a yucky grey down pour. Oh well, guess that gives me more time to pick out fun props and accessories. (Why doesn’t my kid ever own shoes to match anything?!)

Here is a close-up of the back. It is kinda hard to photograph, but there is a little pleat at the bottom that gives the dress a bit of a bustle kind of look. It wasn’t in the original design, but Hooray, for “Make it Work” when it actually turns out better!

If you’d like to make your own, I put together a simplified tutorial for you, but make sure that you read
THE WHOLE THING before your get started because the bustle pleat adjustments are at the very end.

Yeah, I don’t know why this picture is bigger, but I couldn’t fix it :
Gather Trick located HERE and a knit binding tutorial HERE


This is how I originally made the dress, but it turned out to be MUCH too big.
So rather than take everything apart I made an extra seam at center back to take in the excess.
If you wanted to do this on purpose you will need to…
(Please excuse my sad makeshift directions)

1. Make the back piece of your dress about 2 inches wider than the front.
2. Fold the back layer in half  and mark in 1 inch.


3. Stitch at the 1 inch mark from the neck down to around lower back height.
4. Flatten the tube made by the row of stitches and tack it flat at the bottom.

You can trim the tube off above the tack line (on the left)
or just flatten it an tack it at the top too (on the right)
(Please, try it on your kid before trimming any “extra pieces” off!)

It would be easiest to preform these steps
AFTER attaching the ruffles, but BEFORE adding the neck binding.

Then once everything is together you can applique on some
hearts, stars, clovers, unicorns, or whatever shape sparks your lil girl’s fancy.

I know this is a rather “slapdash” kind of tutorial, so please just let me know if you have any questions.
And don’t forget to add a picture to my flicker group if you happen to make one of your own!

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!
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