Tape Binding Presser Foot

We’ve talked about bias tape before, and I’ve already shared tutorials about it, (here, here, and here)
BUT if I had known about this handy little presser foot, (purchased here) we would have done a lot more projects with binding! You see, I’m kinda lazy when it comes to well, pinning, and ironing, and pretty much taking the “proper” steps to make a project really look finished.


Ok, maybe it isn’t so much LAZY, as it is REALISTIC.
I have a limited amount of time to work on most of my crafting projects, and more often than not there is a toddler hanging all over me while I’m doing anything. Tools like this one are a huge help because they can eliminate steps that you would normally not have time to do anyway and significantly reduce the amount of time you have to spend “fiddling” with a project. Check out this little video and tell me you’ve ever applied bias tape that quickly. (and evenly!)

Kinda impressive isn’t it?
And here is my little diagram to help explain what you can’t really see in the video…


I can’t wait to use this foot on a few of the baby projects that I have on my to do list.
It should be especially helpful for these…
Pinned Image
from Martha, but I have another similar pattern
and these…
Click to Enlarge
Hooded Towels and Washcloth
and of course a few of these…
Baprons from Craftiness is not Optional
Plus it would probably be nice if I made something for Reli while I’m at it.

Let’s just hope that my energy holds out long enough to get all these projects done!

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10 thoughts on “Tape Binding Presser Foot

    1. Hi Shirley,

      I hope you check back and see this since you didn't leave an e-mail:(
      Sorry, I a not familiar with that particular model, but Amazon does have a list list of compatible machines. If you are unsure, I would check the Pfaff website, or sewingmachinesplus.com. I have found lots of helpful information there.

  1. Toni, I could just kiss you for this making this video.
    I purchased this foot back in 1994 and forgot what it was for. After searching the net a few months ago, I found out its use, but couldn't find any how to's. My search skills are not very good.
    BUT, now thanks to you I can use it and also save myself almost $300. as I've been comtemplating buying the binder for my Bernina. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Also for the videos to attach the binding. It's been years since I worked on much of anything, but now have gotten interested again.

    1. Wow, No one's ever asked me anything like that before! To be honest I'm still working with the Singer 2662 model that my parents got me for Christmas when I was in High School. It's definitely not anything fancy (not digital and can be frustrating at times), but it does what I need it to do. Sure I'd love to have one with cool decorative stitches and all that, but I'd also rather have a house first. ;D

      I think it pretty much boils down to what you want to sew, and what you personally can't live without. I love having a one touch buttonhole setting, and absolutely NEED my zipper foot, but other than that, I'm pretty flexible.

      I highly suggest making a list of the things you'd like (including your price) and take it to your local fabric store. The ladies there are usually super helpful and know about a wider range of machines. If you have a sewing machine shop in your area I'd visit them as well. Then you can research everyone's suggestions online and find what's best for you.

      Good Luck, and Happy Sewing!

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