Where is all the BOY fabric?

This weekend I managed to sneak away (all by myself!) to the fabric store. 
We have passed the 30 week mark for this pregnancy and I figured it was about time that I buckle down and get started on the seemingly endless list of things I’d like to sew before the baby arrives. So off I went to Joann’s AND Hancock’s in hopes of finding some great BOY fabrics for all these projects. 
Instead, this is what I came home with…
WoW… I can use the teal one on the bottom can’t I? Hmmm….
Well at least I DID manage to snag this completely gender neutral orange stripe!
The whole 1/3 yard of it out of the remnant bin : /
What am I doing wrong? Is it just me, or are there practically NO boy fabrics at the stores?
Yeah, I’ve seen a few with fish, and maybe a few with bugs, but even the stripes and dots seem to have a
really “girly” feel. And don’t even get me started on the whole pastel teddy bear/zoo animal stuff. 
Yes, some of those are cute, but a person can really only handle so much pastel!
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All the above fabrics are pinned HERE 
I have found a few fabrics online that I like, (most of them are pretty expensive!) and I’ve snagged probably a dozen adult tees at the thrift store to re-purpose for bibs and such, but is there something/someplace  that I’m missing? Do boys really only wear solids with things screen printed on them? Cuz if that’s the case, I’m really going to have to brush up on my embellishing skills!
 At least Reli is going to have some really cute outfits when I finally get around to 
sewing things for her again!

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5 thoughts on “Where is all the BOY fabric?

  1. Finally! Someone else who agrees with me!! I have five boys. No girls. It is so hard to find cute and fun boy fabric, and even harder to find cute and fun boy clothes. Especially when your boys think they are old enough to pick their own clothes and choose those tacky tees with the gigantic superhero screen print on them. Pssshhht….

    We need to band together and tell the Fabric President that we want more boy fabrics!!


    1. We'll start a petition! lol
      I think it's a vicious cycle. We refuse to spend $10 a yd for the boy fabric that IS out there, so they don't make much, and then mark it up even higher! Guess I'll have to get started designing my own BOY fabric line. (Too bad your sons would all be off to college before I actually managed to finish it! 😉

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