Book-Worm Wednesday – Weekend Sewing

***Edited – It has come to my attention that there have been a few people who made projects from this book and unfortunately had fit problems. There are also a few errors in the first edition that you can find corrections for here. So far the kimono seems to be safe from problems, but I’m still planning to try a few of the other projects to see for myself how troublesome the patterns are. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated!***

It feels like forever since I’ve done a book review, but I have still somehow managed to check out a handful of craft books from the library each week. Guess I’ve been backlogging them until I can finally get around to actually making the projects inside rather than just drooling over them, and today’s book is a perfect example.

Weekend Sewing
More than 40 Projects and Ideas for Inspired Stitching
Heather Ross

I have seriously checked this book out three times since last June when I started Bookworm Wednesday. And each time I would inevitably get distracted by some other what-nots that I had going on. Then before I knew it I would run out of renewal chances and back to the library it would go. But not this time. I finally made myself focus, and the result was one of the cutest things that I have ever made. Ever!

Adorable right?
Plus it was super fast to make too. I actually whipped this one up this
morning before we ran out to the thrift store!

 The only thing that I changed from the directions in the book was to use a snap to hold the inside layer closed instead of a second tie. It was getting a little bulky with all that bias tape, so I figured that might help thin things down a little. Now I can’t wait to try it on the little monkey in a few weeks!

I already have a few more cut out that I’m going to experiment with, but since Reli finally decided to grace me with a nap-time today, I figured it was better not to push my luck by hammering away at more snaps. I am really excited about these though, and may even have to make a pattern for a toddler size version Reli can wear for the Cherry Blossom Festival that is right around the corner. I’m so overwhelmed by girly fabric cuteness possibilities right now!

Anyway, back to the book. There are plenty of other things that I’d love to make for myself,
but am currently limited due to my ever expanding size. Including The Wrap Skirt from the cover, 
this Summer Blouse,

and the Kimono Dress with an Obi Sash

something seems off about the drape in the picture,

but with the right fabric…Who knows?
Luckily all those seem loose enough to hide my lumpy post-baby body, so I won’t have to wait too long to make them. There are also a few other kid’s projects that I’d like to make too, and the best part is that all the patterns are in the front of the book ready for you to trace! I think it’s about time that I just add this one to my birthday list so that other people can have the chance to borrow it from our library. ; D
Here is a list of all the projects inside…
Home &Away Dressing Up & Down Sewing For Kids
Everything tote Sundress (tube style) Bloomers
Checkbook cover Town bag Smocked sundress
Hostess apron Head scarf Short sleeve button down
Fat quarter napkins Shirt dress Baby blanket
Scrap applique tablecloth Pj’s for everyone Huck finn pants
Drawstring bags Summer blouse Flower sundress
Dish towels Trapeze sundress Baby kimono top
Pup tent and pillow Jersey halter and skirt set
Pillowcases Wrap skirt
Slippers Kimono dress & obi
Travel bag (make-up)
Garden gloves

☆☆☆stars (out of 3) – Totally worth it and gotta have it!

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13 thoughts on “Book-Worm Wednesday – Weekend Sewing

  1. I did the same thing. It took me a few check outs to actually get to making something. I made the skirt on the cover…

    Then I realized something wasn't right. I did a little search online and discovered this:

    There are a few errors in the book that Heather Ross has offered corrections for on her site. So give that link a little peek before your next project.

  2. So funny! I have material and bias tape ready to make this for a friend who just had a baby! So glad to hear that yours turned out. I have made that top (the fit was terrible, I'm afraid) and the skirt (which does not wrap me completely… my daughter uses it as a cape now), so I was hoping this one would turn out better! Link it up with Creative Me this week! I'd love to have you back!


  3. Your baby Kimono top looks amazing. Love the idea of adding snaps to it (makes it a little more "dad friendly" too! 🙂 lol). And that yellow skirt on the cover… I have been looking for good A-line skirt – and I think I may have just found it! Thank you!!!

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