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Almost every Mom (nursing or not) ends up getting a Boppy along with their new baby. Whether you receive it as a gift, purchase it yourself, or even make one of your own; somehow over the past decade they have become an essential part of raising a infant. When Reli was born, we started using ours from day one, and I don’t have to tell any of you Moms how much of a lifesaver this little pillow can be at times!

Unfortunately the cheapskate thrifty Momma in me has a bit of a problem spending $20+ on a pillowcase. I mean come on, it is less than half a yard of fabric. I could get that 1/2 yard, and the zipper for less than $5 at Joann’s. (Without even using a coupon!) So any sewer can see that this is obviously one of those times when making it yourself truly is worth while. And that’s exactly what I did. Twice.

 I didn’t make a tutorial for these, but I highly suggest checking out this one from Grosgrain, and also this one at A Load of Craft, before deciding to just “wing it” like I did.  For some reason I was having a kind of sewing brain damage the day that I worked on these and ended up having to re-do the zippers 3 and 4 times!
If you have any intention of making yourself a cover out of flannel . . . 
Flannel stretches out easily,
zippers stretch out too, 
and it’s on a curve!
I don’t know why none of these factors registered with my brain until long after the damage had been done, but hopefully I can save some of you a little frustration by pointing these facts out now. Other than that completely dense moment on my part, they are actually pretty easy to stitch together. 
I even added a few simple appliques made from t-shirt scraps to keep them interesting.
You may recognize the little fish from the Free Motion Presser Foot Video I made a while back.

Now I’m just wondering if I’ll be able to “borrow” my pillow back from
all Reli’s dolls when the time comes for the actual baby to use it!

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