Dyed onesies are better than eggs!

Our house has been far more focused on the coming baby than the Easter holiday this year,
so instead of dyeing eggs I decided to take on all those grubby “white” hand-me-downs of Reli’s.

Please ignore the dirty fence. I had to drive all over the neighborhood to find a spot to hang my “clothes line”
and didn’t think to wipe it off because the people out strolling were already giving me odd looks! ; D
You wash all those cute little baby clothes, and then pack then away just in case you’ll be able to use them for the next time you bring home a little one… to share w/ family and friends…or even just for nostalgia.
Then one day you go through those boxes only to find that half of the clothes are covered in 
giant yellow stains! What the heck happened? They were clean when you boxed everything up! 
Did some freak mold start eating your precious baby clothes?
 You are just now beginning to realize how potent your little bundle’s spit-up actually was.
(and the reaction is sooo much worse with formula than with breast-milk, but that stains too!)

I don’t know exactly what happened, but I’m sure any of you who have had multiple children can sympathize.
That funky one on the left was my failed attempt at gradient dye. Fail!
So you Goggle, call your Mom, then call Gramma, and eventually just start asking anyone with children if they know the trick to removing the stains that are by now years old, and have more likely than not been set in even more by having gone through the dryer once upon a time.
Honestly I tried…
Dawn dish soap with Peroxide,
Dawn and Peroxide plus Baking Soda,
The gold bar of Dial bath soap,
Spray n’ Wash, Shout, Fels Naptha,
Oxyclean, and Vinegar,
with every possible combination of hot – warm – cold water.
Some stains came out, but some didn’t, And I couldn’t even tell you what worked since some things went through almost every one of the above processes! LoL. Eventually I broke down and even soaked a pile of stuff in diluted bleach which made me feel like a really bad Mom, but boy did those burp rags turn white! (and stink!) 


Finally I gave up and anything that was “retire-able” went into a dye bath to see if it could be salvaged.
And after randomly mixing some RIT (kelly green, lemon yellow, sunshine orange, royal blue)
and a package of Dylon Bahama Blue (powder at Joann’s), I think they pretty much all turned out cute.
*I fully admit to: not reading the directions, dyeing in containers too small for the garment (like a candle holder!), and forgetting to add salt to most of them, but I also kinda like the tie-dye/splotchy/sun faded look. *
Now, even though I like how everything turned out…
I’m all ears if you really do have a solution for cleaning those baby clothes!
(I think it has become one of those things that just eats at you because you don’t know! : D)
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9 thoughts on “Dyed onesies are better than eggs!

  1. They turned out sooo cute! I know the exact stains you are talking about….such a bummer! I know that baby poopy stains come out with good ol' sunshine (breaks down the bilirubin) so maybe you could try that. (you might not have any clothes left w/ stains…haha!). I just wash the clothes and try to remove as much of the baby stain as possible and then let dry in the direct sunshine. HTH!

  2. I love this idea! It's also fun to make some unique clothes! It's so hard to find just solid colored onesies and shirts to match patterned bottoms. Yes, my son must be fashionable at all times! 🙂

  3. What a fantastic idea! I'm getting ready for a new baby too, and my first baby was a drooler, so all her clothes are brown/yellow around the neck. I know that sun drying does help bleach out clothes, but we still have some problems. I may definitely try the dyeing idea.

  4. My boys' baby clothes are all stained with the yellowish stains, too! I was surprised to find this as I'm getting them out for our third child…I know I wouldn't have put them away like that…so I'm dying things, too. Mine are also splotchy! Bummer. I'm trying to rinse in vinegar. Read somewhere it would set the dye.

    1. As far as I can figure, the yellow splotches are being attributed to protein, but of course no one knows how to get rid of them! Good thing tie-dye is making a comeback I guess! ;D

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