How do you know you’re pregnant?

After spending the morning at a playdate with a friend of mine, who also happens to be pregnant (her third in 3 years!), I just couldn’t help sharing some of our complaints thoughts on the process with all of you. 
You know you’re pregnant when…
– You stop bothering to put on “real pants” unless you know you’ll have to leave the house that day.
– You suddenly start crying while watching a Disney movie you’ve seen a hundred times before. 
(It was Cars for me.)
-You have refolded the baby clothes “just so” at least 4 times, but probably have at least one basket of clean laundry sitting around unfolded. (Bonus points if it has been there more than a week!)
-You’ve scrubbed the kitchen cabinets, the windows, the cupboard under the bathroom sink, and the inside of the washing machine, but still haven’t managed to vacuum up the crushed goldfish crackers from the living room carpet. (They’ve been there all week too, right next to the unfolded laundry. ; )
-You can go from absolutely STARVING, to completely full in just 3 bites from a sandwich.
– You have never been more convinced that a bra is a torture device meant to crush your already mangled ribs.
-You desperately NEED “X” food, until you have a few bites and then decide it grosses you out.
-Getting comfortable in bed at night feels oddly similar to a game of Twister.
-You are so winded from hauling yourself out of a chair that you have to sit back down and rest.
– Antacids have become just another food group, and accompany every meal, snack, glass of water. . .
– You have started to use your other children to reach anything below knee level.
– Your bed looks like someone is in the process of building a pillow fort.
-You have Lost/Found your keys, cell phone, pen, TV remote, etc… in the refrigerator.
– You are convinced that you will actually get more sleep with a newborn around, because right now you’re up every hour to pee. (not to mention the rib kicks, heartburn, charlie horses, back/hip pains…)
– You actually pray for a “normal” poop. (TMI, but admit it, it’s true!)
– You start wearing the same pair of shoes every time you leave the house. Not because they are so cute, but simply because they slip on.
-You have considered buying a chair for the bathtub because just the thought of standing the whole time you wash your hair is exhausting.
– You just asked your husband the same question 6 times and still have no idea what his answer was.
– You claim the smell of “ingredient X” makes you nauseous simply to get out of cooking dinner.
– You forget the word for “that thing” at least 3 times in a single conversation. You know “THAT THING!”
(Bonus points if you are actually holding said “thing” at the time.)
-If you laughed about anything written above, you probably need to go change your underwear!
Ok, now it’s your turn. 
How did you know that you were pregnant?
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4 thoughts on “How do you know you’re pregnant?

  1. I love this, I haven't been pregnant yet but this was a good giggle. Once I get there I will definitely be like oh now I know what she was talking about! 🙂

    already following you from Craft Geek. I love your postings!

  2. Thanks for the laugh this morning. Just found your blog, and I love it! I can relate to almost all of the above, I am 36 weeks pregnant right now! Waddling off to change my underwear now 😉

  3. I *still* forget the word for "that thing" in basically every conversation ever. Possibly when all my kids are grown, I will get my vocabulary back? Maybe? 😉

  4. I use my kid to get anything below knee level now and I know I'm not pregnant! 🙂 Your list was funny. Thanks so much for sharing it on #findingthefunny last week!

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