Not So Original Burp Cloths

You know when you have an idea. And I’m talking a GOOD idea.
The kind of idea that sends you running to your husband / best friend / the mail man,
with your “Look at me I’m so freakin’ clever!” grin on?
That lasts for about a hour (maybe a whole day if you’re lucky!) before you start bopping around 
Pinterest / your favorite blogs / Google / what ever fun place it is that you go, and then IT HAPPENS…
(Dun…Dun…Duh…*pathetic theatrical music*)
Low and behold. There, on your screen…RIGHT THERE!!!!
Is a photo of YOUR “brilliant idea”.
and THEY (you know them right?) posted about it Months, even YEARS ago.
well crap.


And you don’t dare go tell your husband that maybe you aren’t as smart as you thought you were.

You’ve made that mistake before only to hear “Well, there’s nothing new under the sun. Right?” 
Which only makes you want to slug him, because that is NOT what he was supposed to say.
This has happened to all of you before right? 
(Please say yes, or I’m really gonna feel like a lunatic.)

Later you’ll start psyching yourself out that “Maybe it wasn’t THAT amazing of an idea anyway”,
and “Anyone with a little sense could have figured it out.”

So before I get too far down that road and decide not to bother posting about them at all,
Let me introduce you to my Not So Original Burp Cloths.

Also know as the Best Burp Cloths over at Made By Rae.
(I’m sure most of you already follow her cuz’ she’s awesome!)

Essentially the “brilliant” part of my idea was to use thrifted T-shirts to make burp cloths.
Soft. Absorbent. Perfect.
So I grabbed the flannel and terry cloth that I had leftover from the boppy covers,
and the changing pad covers. Then pretty much did exactly what Rae describes in her tutorial.
(Try using a walking foot if you are scared of sewing knits.)

The only thing I added was to stitch a smaller rectangle in the center to keep the two layers
from getting wonky after continuous trips through the laundry.

Cuz’ you can all see that super pale rectangle of stitches in the middle right?

Now I’m sure some of you are making an odd face and wondering why this seemed so smart, but just trust me. At the time it was about the most genius thing that I had ever thought of! I mean aren’t you a tiny bit tired of seeing people add ribbon and ric rac to pre-made gerber burp rags? Don’t get me wrong, those are really adorable!
I just kinda felt like I was being original for a change. 

Oh well, Nothing new under the sun I guess.
Maybe next time!

What have been some of your almost original ideas?
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12 thoughts on “Not So Original Burp Cloths

  1. I feel the exact same way. I sew something maybe unique to my circle of friends, but online its the latest trend. Still feeling clever I thought of it on my own! – Just found your blog today and really like it! My crafting adventures are at

  2. Haha! I've totally been there. Pinterest has obliterated so many ideas that I thought were just mine. I'm starting to wonder if I've EVER had an original idea! But, for what it's worth, your burp cloths are super cute, and I've never seen the "originals" before 🙂

  3. I love the burp cloths, and think it was a FABULOUS idea! 🙂
    I had the awesome idea of winterizing my little man's summer shirts with sleeves made from dollar store socks.

    Great idea, right? A few days later, I saw it on Pinterest. Oh. I guess I'm not as awesome as I thought. Sigh…
    Thanks for the laugh! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been there! 🙂


    P.S. We'd love for you to link up one of your clothing refashion/sewing projects to our first link party tomorrow! 🙂

  4. How smart to add the square in the middle! Any yes, Pinterest has busted a lot of bubbles!!!! But isn't it the best?

  5. These are great! I love the t-shirt idea. I know what you mean about thinking your idea is the best in the world. I had a super idea to make over the seat ipad holders for car so that kids could watch movies on long trips. I just saw them for $15 at Kohls…augh.

    I found your blog via the Skip to My Lou link up.

  6. I know, right?! Well, I like to justify mine by saying, may not be original, but has it's own story! And yours does too with the anti-wonky rectangle! I may make some of these for my g-babies!

  7. Love the rectangle in the middle – and really imitation is the greatest form of flattery! I love this online crafty bloggy community, and how much we can inspire/share with each other.
    ~Amy @ Permanent Kisses

  8. My youngest is three, I wish I would have had these a few years ago. So cute! I'm a new follower and would love to have you stop by my brand new blog and follow too, it you'd like. My first link party/give-away is running now through Saturday. I hope you'll come and link up!

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