Snapshot Sunday – Used Book Store

I can still remember getting in trouble when my parents were up watching TV, for sneaking
down the hall to read by the light from the living room, long after I was sent to bed.
Then in middle school, I was pretty much Belle from the beginning of Disney’s Beauty & the Beast. 
At least 95% of my day was spent with a book in hand: on the bus in the morning, walking the halls at school,
at the lunch table, in the car running errands, wandering around the “boring stores” with my parents.

As I got older things like boys, school work, a job, and most recently kids,
inevitably started to eat into my reading time. But I still enjoy a good book whenever I can. 
(Last week I finally broke down and read all 3 Hunger Game books in just 3 days!) 
Unfortunately all the books from my youth mysteriously vanished as I got older, and now I’m starting from scratch to build up a library for my own children. (Why are there half a dozen trash bags full of my gross stuffed animals in the basement but not a single story book?!) So I’m sure I don’t have to explain my giddiness when I first found out there is a giant used book store just down the street. Then it got even better when I was told they give out credits when you trade in your old unwanted books, CD’s, and VHS tapes. Double Score!
This is just a very small corner of the Children’s section!
The first thing I started collecting was the Serendipity Series by Stephen Cosgrove.

 Does anyone remember these little moral stories?
I LOVED the Leo the Lop ones when I was little!
For me this is just as good (if not better) than going to a thrift store. 
Just this week I found this entire set of Beatrix Potter stories

Spines never even cracked
For 75 cents a piece!
Now I think we’re almost ready to move on to the Golden Books,
but there are more than a few of those to sort through…
Then there are always the Berenstain Bears, Winnie the Pooh, Dr. Seuss…
Thank goodness Reli has already taken such an interest in reading,
but I sure hope that the little man catches the book bug too!
Do you have any favorite books that you can’t wait to share with your children?
Or have even packed away in hopes of passing them onto your grandchildren?
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One thought on “Snapshot Sunday – Used Book Store

  1. My mom used to read 'It's not easy being a bunny' to my sister and I. It's about a bunny who doesn't want to be a bunny anymore and goes to live with other animals. Lots of opportunities for interaction. When my cousin was born she looked all over for it and ended up buying 4 copies of Amazon (one for me, one for my sister and one for each of her brothers). Best childrens book ever! (it's optional, but totally recommended that you act out each animal, eventually the kids learn to 'read' the book alone, and it's adorable!)

    sorry for the ramble!

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