Tasty Tuesday – Fruit Leather FLOP


A few weeks ago I got on this “Let’s be healthy!” kick, and had big plans about making us all sorts of good stuff like smoothies. So of course I went out that afternoon and bought the BIGGEST bag of frozen strawberries that I could find. Then I grabbed another smaller bag of frozen mixed berries just for good measure. 

I’m sure you all know how the scenario played out after that…
I kept forgetting that the berries were in the freezer, so it was a week before I ever got around to making smoothies at all. Ant looked at me like I was a complete lunatic if I thought a smoothie was going to be enough breakfast to even hold him over for the next 20 minutes. Then of course Reli turned up her nose because there were too many “crunchies” (ie. seeds) in hers, and after I went through the trouble of straining them out she still wanted nothing to do with it. This left ME to drink enough smoothie to feed three people, and two almost completely full bags of frozen berries leftover!
Fast forward to this weekend . . . 
I haven’t bothered to make smoothies since then, and have no idea what to do with the berries that are taking up precious freezer space. Since I have already planned out my post-labor “you won’t starve because dinner’s in the freezer” meals, the only thing left is to clear out some space, and those berries needed to hit the trail!
What to do? Quick, Pinterest to the rescue! 
My brilliant plan was finally just to make a huge batch of fruit leather. Now, I’ve never made them before, and I know the recipes call for fresh fruit, but I was desperate. I mean how hard could it be to puree up some berry mush and bake it for a few hours? Famous last words…
Recipe Sources – ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR
Long story made longer, I pureed, strained, boiled, spread, and baked 4-5lbs. worth of berries.
Then I baked them some more.
And some more.
2 hour past the “suggested baking time” I finally figured they were done enough, and let them cool.

Later that evening when I started cutting them into strips and wrapping them up, something just didn’t seem right. Then it occurred to me. My cookie sheets are probably the furthest thing from flat you’ve ever seen!
All the goo just kept gathering into a giant un-dry-out-able puddle in the center while the edges turned into something akin to crunchy burnt shoe leather!
Ant’s observations – “This kinda tastes like the Natural fruit stuff that they give boy scouts on camping trips.”
My translation – “This is about as bad as that dehydrated crap they feed the astronauts!”
Needless to say everything tasted HORRIBLE and ended up going right in the trash. 
I think I’ll just stick with the super processed fruit roll ups from now on, 
but at least the freezer is empty!

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9 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – Fruit Leather FLOP

  1. Hahahaha! I did the SAME thing! Big FAIL! only… I was too scared to admit defeat… I want to try again, one of these days. I did not do the boil method, just process and bake. It was so gross! Thanks for sharing! I found you on Ginger Snaps 🙂

    1. Hi Karyn,
      It makes me feel so much better that I'm not the only one who had trouble with this! It just seemed like such a good idea, and everyone makes it looks SO easy, that I was just going to write my failure off as a result of pregnancy brain. If you do try it again and figure out what the trick is, please be sure to sent me a note and let me in on the secret! lol

  2. I'm just so impressed you tried it in the oven! I have a new dehydrator, and I'm hoping to try fruit leather in that sometimes. I feel bad for your fail though. that's depressing.:(

  3. i just tried it yesterday, but fell asleep and they were in the oven for hours too long!! but my kids still loved them. we called them fruit flakes. def not rollable!!

  4. LOL these things are very very hard to figure out! I don't even know how much fruit I ruined before I actually made a batch that was edible. I want a dehydrator so badly to make things like this easier lol. So glad to hear that I am not the only one who had many trials and tribulations with fruit leather lmao

  5. lol I confess I've pinned a couple of fruit leather recipes as well lately – and was also planning on using frozen berries…hmmm, maybe I'll leave them for the smoothies and muffins after all, and just buy the fruit leather, hahah!

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