This must be nesting…

How do 37 week pregnant women spend their weekends?
Why shampooing the carpets of course!
(but that’s only because the windows were done last week ; )
Thanks so much Honey for the SUPER unflattering pictures you took behind my back!  : P
And although the process of moving all that furniture unfortunately didn’t bring on any signs of labor, I’m still convinced that something is happening. I’ve got my fingers crossed super hard that the Dr. will tell me tomorrow that we could have this baby here by next weekend, because that is an April Fools prank that I would be more than happy to play on my whole family! 

What was your weirdest project you took on during your nesting phase?
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4 thoughts on “This must be nesting…

  1. Well, I'm just about 37 weeks now, too. My biggest/weirdest project? I taught myself how to sew over the last few weeks, and have made everything from burp cloths, to bibs, to quilts! I also have re organized almost every cupboard/closet in my house. I don't remember nesting like this with my first one!

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