Did I jinx it?

Pictures are out-takes from this weekends attempt at newborn photography.
It seems that I really put my foot in my mouth last week when I expressed how easy everything was going with the baby. Don’t get me wrong, he is absolutely awesome! Never cries or gets fussy unless a diaper change is involved, and pretty much sleeps the day away until I wake him up for his next meal. 
We even took him to the movies this weekend and he didn’t make a peep for the whole 2 and a half hours. 
Some of you might be wondering if I’m on crack for taking a baby to the theater, but he came early, and my husband REALLY wanted to see the Hunger Games. But it wasn’t the “screaming kid on a airplane” kind of situation you might be imagining. We went at 10:30 on Sunday morning, and I was planning to leave at anytime if Corbin started crying. 
(side note – The books were way better than the movie! Everything about the picture felt rushed, and for me it’s really all about the details. Too many things were changed or left out in my opinion. Sweet costumes though!)

Is he flipping me off?
  I know, some of you Moms are probably giving me the finger too for having such an easy baby. But on the other hand, we’ve been to the pediatrician 3 times in the past week, and had a trip back to the hospital as well. Besides the standard newborn check-up, lil man has had a burst blood vessel in his eye (totally normal until it starts growing!), Impetigo (also known as pus blisters. Yay!), and a 2nd blood screening for PKU (which I still don’t know the results of, but am crossing my fingers for a big fat negative!).
***PKU is a metabolic disorder that requires a person to follow an extremely strict diet, and can cause problems with brain development, leading to progressive mental retardation, brain damage, and seizures. (sounds like loads of fun right?)***
How could there possibly be anything wrong with a face as sweet as that?
Oh well, I guess there had to be a trade off somewhere. Must be a rule out there that says you can have an easy baby who is sickly, or a fussy baby who is healthy. But heaven help you if you end up with the fussy, sickly baby, because I can’t even imagine the amount of patience a Momma would need to handle all that!
Now we have one more Dr. appointment scheduled for this Thursday when they will hopefully tell me that someone fudged-up the tests and my monkey has a clean bill of health. So if I disappear again, it is only because I have thrown myself into sewing and *gasp* house work, in an attempt to distract myself from worrying. Heck, maybe by the time this all gets straightened out, I’ll have enough finished projects to last me through the next month, and I’ll treat myself to a vacation! ; D
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