Let Me Introduce…

***Warning – Picture heavy post full of baby cuteness!***
Well, the little monkey is officially one week old today,
and finally has a name to go along with those chubby extra chins.

I know they always say “Every pregnancy is different.”, 
but I have been absolutely amazed just how true that can be! 
With Reli the pregnancy was pretty standard, and even though the delivery was relatively “easy”,
I was still worn out and had stitches to deal with. She was also born with a “hip-click” that wasn’t a big issue, but was still difficult to accept. Then after we got her home I was exhausted, breastfeeding was complicated, and the stress of being a new mom without the help from family and friends was really difficult. 
With Corbin, I can honestly say that I have not felt this good in 9 whole months!
The pregnancy was completely miserable and I never even had morning sickness!
Anthony told me the other day that he doesn’t want any more kids because he doesn’t 
want to take the chance that I’d have to go through that all again. I mostly agree with him 
until I start lovin’ on the lil bit and suddenly get “amnesia”. LoL. 
But this delivery was too easy to even be called easy! (Please don’t hate me if you just had a baby ; )
We had a few bumps in the hospital with talk of heart murmurs and tongue ties, but they turned out to be nothing. Breastfeeding has been awesome, and even though I’m a bit tired from being up at night, it isn’t any worse than the past few months. I’ve even have enough energy to go run little errands every day since we’ve left the hospital! (A guy at target who has a 7 wk old actually yelled at me “You should be home resting!”)

 So far Corbin has also been an extremely laid back baby (knock on wood!),
and only cries when his mean mommy tries to change his diaper with a cold wipe.
Ant has even had to ask me a few times “Was that noise from him or one of the cats?”
because he is so quiet and usually only makes tiny whimpers in his sleep.

Now as long as I can keep the whole breastfeeding 
schedule straight everything should be perfect.
The Dr. already called him a Rock Star at feeding, 
so it’s pretty much all on me if it starts going south. 

Our biggest problem is probably going to be with Aurelia, who has turned out to be a little too rough.
She is pretty ticked off that the baby has all these things that she can’t play with. But since Ant is at home she doesn’t want much to do with me either, and has flown full force into the regressed terrible 2 phase. I’m just hoping that she’ll chill out a little in the next few weeks once she realizes he’s here to stay. 

I’m still writing up the birth story to share with you all later in the week, but Ant & Reli have gone to the zoo today, so for now I’m off to spend some more cuddle time with the mini man. If this is my last chance at that tiny newborn chub I’m gonna enjoy every little bit of it!
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7 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce…

  1. Awwww, what a little sweetheart! Such a handsome boy–congratulations! And I'm so glad to hear that everything has been going so well–I've been a little scared at the thought of a second baby because I had a rough time with the transition into having one. Nothing was wrong, really, I just found it SO hard to adjust, so it always gives me hope to hear moms say that it's not as bad going from one to two as it was to go from zero to one 🙂 Congrats on the little man, I'm so happy for you!

  2. Congratulations!!! I hadn't seen a post from you in awhile and I figured this was why! He's absolutely precious and I love all those pics…so great! Just as an encouragement, Miss A wanted NOTHING to do with me for 5 days, then started warming up. Now that Miss S has reached a month old, she thinks she's great! She loves helping me by getting things I need (Sophia's blanket, paci, etc.) I'm sure Reli will come around and be a fantastic big sister! 🙂

  3. Congrats Toni!!!! He is so beautiful! The photos of him are amazing! I miss you guys
    Matthew and I would love to see you guys sometime before we move to Texas, we're living in Richmond,Va which isn't too far from you 4. Congrats again to your growing family.

    Joy 🙂

  4. While I do know that this post is two years old, it is the first time I am reading it. I found your plastic canvas alphabet on Pinterest and while visiting read the "let me introduce" title after the "while in the hospital having the baby" and put two and two together. Your family is absolutely beautiful and your craft posts are awesome! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  5. Thank you so much Alexandra! It's always fun to come back to these older posts and see what we were up to. Our chunky little man has definitely grow a bit since then, and taken on a whole new level of rottenness too. 😉

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