Never enough bibs…

Isn’t that the truth though? Corbin hasn’t been spitting up much yet, but even if he never
does I still know the drool is coming! So I whipped up a few more bibs just to be
prepared for when the dreaded teething begins.
I used the same pattern that I cut out for the Dribble Bibs Tutorial, and the freezer paper still
stuck when I ironed it. Awesome! The colored top layers are cut from thrifted t-shirts again,
but the bottom layers are made from terry cloth that I had leftover from another project. 
These couldn’t be stitched up the same as the previous bibs since the terry would unravel
and make a terrible mess in the wash. So instead I sewed the two layers right sides together
(leaving a small opening), flipped them right sides out, and stitched around the edge again. 
Then the velcro is attached the same way, but make sure the hook side of the tape
 is sewn to the terry side of your bib. That way the hooks won’t get stuck in the
 terry loops like they would if it was the other way around.
You can leave them plain, cut them out of a pre-printed shirt, or add you own style 
with stencils, trims, applique, fabric paint, embroidery, bleach, or what ever you’d like. 
Just keep in mind that some details need to be added before the layers are sewn together.
*Decorating Tip* –  If you are looking for pictures to use for freezer paper stenciling, try adding
the word vector when you search for your desired image. (google images ex.- cow vs. cow vector
Vectors tend to have a more “flat” look and are MUCH easier to cut out than most regular images.
(But be nice, and make sure you aren’t using copyrighted images on things you plan to sell!)
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9 thoughts on “Never enough bibs…

  1. Oh. So so cute! We're past that stage with Monkey, but these would also make great gifts.

    Your baby is so yummy, and I love the name Corbin. I suggested it for several of my boys, but the Hubsters vetoed it. Thanks so much for linking up. 🙂

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