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Was anyone else a little surprised by Blogger’s new look? Or was I the last one hanging on to the old version? I’m sure they’ve made some cool upgrades and all, but it drives me nuts when I feel like I’ve finally figured out all this computer stuff, and then they go and change it on me! Oh well, I’ll just pretend that “change is good”.
Anyway, on with the baby projects…
Back when I had Reli, the breastfeeding thing didn’t go so well. (Oklet’s call that an understatement.)
 There were just so many factors that made it hard to keep a regular schedule. 
I went kinda like this. . . 
Our first kid,
 up all night in the rocking chair, 
sleeps all day and skips meals,
overbearing visitors,
 extra Dr. appointments because she had a “hip-click”,
  Ant busy studying to get registered,
 thinking that a hand pump will “be good enough”
. . . then . . .
The schedule goes haywire,
milk supply drops,
 that “good enough” hand pump breaks
but we can’t afford the real one,
 lack of sleep takes its toll,
and it’s HELLO formula!
(I did keep hand pumping and adding what I got to the bottles,
but that only lasted about 3 months : /)
I’m sure some of you have been in a similar situation, but am I the only one who wonders how
women have been pulling this off for millions of years while working out in a field somewhere?

Well, this time I wanted things to be different.
Every feeding was timed and written down, visits made around our schedule, I got the “real” pump (just in case), and Corbin got woken up every third hour whether he just fell asleep or not. By his 2 week check-up, he was already 3 oz over his birth weight, and the pediatrician actually told me to stop waking him up at night unless I wanted to drive myself crazy!

So now that I know this actually has a chance of working, I finally got around to making myself a nursing cover. I’ve been feeding the baby everywhere in the past few weeks…the library, the cafe in Target, the Costco parking lot, even walking through the mall with him in a sling, and I Love It! It has been so handy that may have to make a second one, because even if you splurge on the pretty fabric making your own is still so much cheaper than the $30+ they sell for online.

I pretty much used a mash-up of the Prudent Baby tutorial, and the Sew Much Ado tutorial and then added a terry cloth square to one corner to wipe up dribble, and a pocket to the other corner for nursing pads, lotion, or what not. I just hemmed 2 sides of a square, and then stuck the 2 un-hemmed edges under the fold when I stitched the hem around the main fabric. If that sound confusing you could try the tutorial over at Crafty Cousins. They do it a little differently, but they have pictures, and in the end it’s still a pocket.

“I need to try on the dress. The dress mommy made from the fabwics!”

I never really thought about how Reli would react to my breastfeeding Corbin,
but her response has actually been quite comical.

Yesterday I caught her sitting on the sofa with her shirt pulled up “feeding”
one of her unicorns. (And all this time I thought they ate rainbows!)
Then this morning we had the following conversation…

“Mommy, put the baby in the rocker. I need to drink some milk from the boobies.”
“Umm…..I think you have a sippy cup in the fridge.”
“Ok, maybe later.”

Sure munchkin…maybe later ; D
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7 thoughts on “Nursing Cover

  1. Glad nursing is going better this time around. It really is hard…considering it is portrayed as so "natural" & all. I nursed all 3 of mine for a year, and after you & baby get the hang of it…it is sooo much easier! Especially when on the go! The nursing cover is a must and I love how yours turned out. The first cover I had, my MIL made for me and it was satin-lined….big mistake cuz it was tooo hot! So, with baby #3, I sewed one for myself out of cotton and it was much better! Don't know if I posted congrats on your baby post, but big congrats to you!

  2. Ha ha ha! I love how little kids react to nursing! When I had My #3, I tried to nurse discreetly so my two older boys (then 4 and 2) wouldn't see. That didn't even last through the first feeding. They were VERY curious! I decided to just tell them how it was and let them watch. I was discreet…

    My #1 wanted to know if it hurt. My #2 asked if he could touch it. My #1 was appalled and yelled, "You can't touch other people's food!" I don't think I ever laughed so hard in my life.

    Thanks for the shout out, and let me know if the nursing cami works out for you. I loved it, and now I actually miss my newborn/breastfeeding days. Sigh…


  3. Glad you and baby are adjusting to nursing. It is NOT as easy as it is portrayed. However, you will be so pleased if you are able to make it work. Your daughter is just precious. I love how she wanted to feed her unicorn. Hope you are keeping a scrapbook to record all her amazing thoughts:)

  4. Literally LOL! What a hoot that she was nursing her unicorn, and not her dollies! I've nursed 5, expecting #6, and no, it is NOT as easy as for everyone as portrayed. Congrats on giving it another try & making it work. I make a version of these too, but I kind of like your additions, thanks for the tute!

  5. Popped over from My Girlish Whims! Great project and your daughter is adorable. I'm nursing #2 daughter and my older did the same thing – lifting her shirt to feed her baby, even using the little Boppy pillow from the tummy time floor mat. It took her a while to realize babies don't eat from your belly button, but I think she has a firm grasp on how it works now!

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