Painting. . .Finally!

Most people usually paint and decorate their nursery BEFORE 
the baby is born, but then again we just aren’t most people. 
I’ve actually been asking Ant to let me paint Reli’s room since we moved in a year ago, but he kept saying that he’d rather not since we’d have to repaint it white when we move out. (stupid apartments!) I started decorating anyway, thinking that I would just photoshop color onto the walls if I ever shared pictures. (sneaky right?)

But this past weekend he finally gave in and we started painting. I still don’t know what made him change his mind. Maybe it’s the fact that Corbin and Reli will be sharing, an entirely white house just got too boring, or he started to think that the decor would look cuter this way. Honestly, I don’t care what his reason was, because I LOVE IT! It turned out exactly how I pictured in my mind, and I can’t wait to add the finishing touches so I can share it with you all. There are at least a dozen tutorials worth of projects just waiting to be written up!
Funny thing is, as soon as we finished painting Ant asked what color we should do the living room.
I guess it won him over too, and it went up so quickly that I’m thinking about taking him up on his
offer to add some more color to our apartment. It’s really amazing what a little paint can do!
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