Snapshot Sunday – Busy Week!

Well, this past week really got away from me, but here are just a few of the things that we got up to…
I was a guest poster last week over at Mess for Less.
Plastic canvas name garland
If you aren’t already a follower, you should really stop over to visit Vicky. 
She has tons of awesome kids projects to share!
Ant sent me out to get my nails done.
I wanted something like this, 
Glitter tipped nail polish
but I couldn’t quite explain it right and ended up with this instead.
Glitter french tip nails
It was still really cute, but didn’t last 2 days before chipping off pretty badly : (
I think I might experiment a little at home to see if I can get it to last longer.
The apartment had an Easter egg hunt
 which Reli absolutely loved.
Little girl with an easter basket
She was even picking up eggs and putting them in other kid’s baskets!
We painted a few eggs.
painted easter eggs
 Luckily we only made 6, because Reli painted more fingers than she did eggs.
little girl painting eggs
I found Reli this ADORABLE
spring jacket at Old Navy for $10.
toddler motorcycle jacket
It’s a little big, so I hope it still fits in the fall too.
Oh, and I had a baby!
sleeping newborn
You know, just another week around here.
LoL, I know a bunch of you will want to know all about the baby, but I’m going to give him his own introduction post in a few days. All I’ll say for now is that he arrived on Tuesday, and it was almost a “baby born in the car” situation. The Dr. was sure he would be late, so at 2 1/2 weeks early I was more than a little surprised, and there are too many things around here that should have been ready that weren’t!
Luckily Ant is working from home for the next 2 weeks, so it shouldn’t take me too long to get the house back in some sort of order. But, If you have left any comments or e-mails for me in the past week, please know that I will get back to you as soon as I can. Right now I am slightly preoccupied.  ; D
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2 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Busy Week!

  1. He is adorable,

    With my first child, everybody told me she would be late definitely.
    My midwife was VERY sure she would"t be born until 2 weeks after her due-date,
    and my ob-gyn send me home after a routine examination with the message that the next one could wait another two weeks instead of the usual one week, because nothing would happen in the meantime.
    Two days later my water broke, and my daughter was born nearly 3 weeks early – We didn't even had one piece of furniture in her nursery *lol*

    Don't tidy up too much, rather enjoy your newborn – he will be a toddler all to soon, don't miss or spoil this precious time


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