What is on my head?! (baby hats)


Yay, another project made from my pile of thrifted t-shirts! 
(Finding different ways to use up these shirts is becoming one of my new favorite hobbies ; )
 I finished these little guys over a month ago, long before Corbin decided to make his arrival. I never posted them because I was waiting to get pictures of him actually wearing one, but at that time I kept thinking
“Oh gosh, those look way too big. They wont fit him for months, and he doesn’t need them in July!”
So I did the logical thing, and made a few more. 
Aren’t they cute? These ones I made just a smidge smaller in hopes that we could get some sweet “naked baby” pictures of him wearing them. The monkey seemed like an obvious choice since I’ve been calling him that on the blog since first mentioning he was on the way, and the frog was meant to go with these little guys…
But alas, it must have been too long since I’ve seen a real newborn (or the fact that my family only 
has big babies!) because this is what happened when I finally went to try them on.

I wouldn’t call it a fail exactly. . . My kid just has a big head.
Maybe if he had gotten squished more during delivery they would have fit!
I did manage to squeeze his bean into the other two long enough to at least snap a picture,
but I definitely wouldn’t count on being able to do that tomorrow. ; D

I’m not exactly sure how this happened since I traced one of Reli’s old hats to make the pattern. I distinctly remember her wearing that hat home from the hospital and it being huge! Did pregnancy brain get the upper hand and make me forget to add seam allowance? I really can’t remember, but if you are interested in making a few of your own I suggest using this pattern from Ashley at Make it and Love it or this pattern from Prudent Baby for the one with a top knot. I probably should have taken my own advice and used their patterns to begin with!
Did anyone notice that Corbin is wearing one of his dyed onesies?
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17 thoughts on “What is on my head?! (baby hats)

  1. Hi Toni, what a beautiful baby. Yes, I did notice that he was wearing one of the dyed onsies..my favorite color..orange! These has are a hoot. I can see a scrapbook page with all four of them on one page. Perhaps you could donate the too small ones to the hospital. What a terrific job you did. Enjoy your little one, they grow up much too quickly.

  2. Even though they don't fit, they're still super cute. I love all the fun things you do with tee shirts. I checked out your other bib tutorial, and my goodness! You have some mad painting skills!

    Thanks for linking this up too. I love seeing your new little man!

  3. Awww, too cute! That's hilarious that they ended up being too small. I remember making a few hats before my son was born and they were HUGE. I never knew someone's head could be that tiny! Congrats on the little guy!

  4. Haha. That is too funny. I did the same thing with my last baby -always thinking that clothes are way too big only to put them on later and they are too tiny. The hats are adorable though! As is the model.

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