Blurry is a GOOD thing.

It’s been a Looong weekend involving broken teeth, visits with grandparents, cooking/baking (potato salad, french silk pie, strawberry banana muffins, and extraordinary chocolate chip cookies), dinner with friends, and trying to find a really fun playground, but I still found a little time to practice my photography.
I’ve mostly been working on the whole blurry background – focused subject thing.
(I’m sure the is a technical name, but I ‘m sure I don’t remember what it is.)

And I just happened to be lucky enough to catch my Gramma’s peonies in bloom.

 Aren’t they gorgeous? I was disappointed to have missed the lilacs, but these are a really awesome back-up!

 Gramma & Papa’s house

 Then I got to practice again while Reli was running around at the battlefields.
(Any one else have a kid who constantly scratches their face? I’m about to make her wear mittens. Permanently!)

 This little guy decided to land next to me at the park. How neat!

All straight from the camera without any fussing at all. So cool!
Now I just have to figure out how to do this without over exposing parts of the picture.
My kids really don’t wanna cooperate with the whole “golden hour” timing,
so I have to work with the lighting I’m given. : D

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2 thoughts on “Blurry is a GOOD thing.

  1. The technical name for that is "depth-of-field" and you're doing great with it! I personally wouldn't worry too much about getting the blurry background properly exposed – on a sunny day (without a reflector or additional light source) it's almost impossible to do. In those pictures of your beautiful little lady, if you turned her slightly to her left so there were no sun patches (hot spots) on her face, then exposed for her face, your background would be too bright, but everyone would be looking at her sweet face, so it wouldn't matter. At least that's my opinion.

    1. Thanks Elli! Unfortunately, she doesn't like to follow directions very well so I kinda get what I get in the posing department. It's a cruel irony that she would listen to anyone else taking her picture EXCEPT me! lol

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