Hooded Infant Towels in 5 easy steps (2 for 1 version)

Let’s face it, hooded towels are down right ADORABLE.
No disputes there. But they tend to fall into one of two categories. 
They’re either…
A. scratchy, thin and affordable
B. soft, fluffy, and 4x the cost of a regular towel
It’s one of those things that I just don’t understand. Even if I didn’t know how to sew, why on earth 
would I spend $30 for half a towel that looks like a puppy dog when I could buy a whole towel for $5? 
Maybe I’m missing the point. (or I could just be really cheap frugal.)
Which brings me to today’s tutorial. If you are like me and don’t “get it” either, I’d like to show you how to make 2 hooded towels using only a beach towel and a hand towel. Now I know beach towels are usually more expensive, but keep a look out for deals. I got mine for $6 at K-mart. Plus they come in fun patterns unlike their usually solid bathroom cousins and don’t normally have those funny woven stripes on the ends either.
What you’ll need:
scissors, ruler, marker, pins, sewing machine,
1 hand towel, and 1 beach towel (mine measured 30×60)

1. Cut your beach towel in half.
It’s up to you if you want to unpick all the edges, but at least 2 sides need to be “raw edges”.
I removed the hem the whole way around, and it took maybe an extra 2 minutes.
2. Draw a line around your rectangle 1 inch in from the raw edge.
I just used a blue Sharpie since disappearing ink pens don’t work well on pile fabrics.
3. Match the 2 corners of the short (finished) end of your hand towel with your 1 inch line. 
Then cut on the line to make a triangle. 
4.Fold the towel edge to the 1 inch line, and then fold over again and pin.
You may need to trim the corners a bit before folding if your towel is extra fluffy.

5. Hem all four sides of your rectangle, and you’re done!
*You could round the corners if you like, but that would kinda defeat the whole “quick and easy” idea.*
Repeat the process with the other half of your beach towel and remaining short end of the same hand towel. 
Also, be sure to save the hand towel “leftovers”. I’ll show you another day how to turn that scrap into a pair of washcloths to go with your new baby towels!
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P.S. –  Don’t forget, If you happen to make something using one of my tutorials I’d love to see it! 
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9 thoughts on “Hooded Infant Towels in 5 easy steps (2 for 1 version)

  1. Thank you for sharing this easy project. We’re expecting our first grandson is a couple months and are very excited! Momma wanted some of these and I love the idea of making two from the ultra soft beach towels. I made them up today and they’re so cute. I’ve decide to applique his name on the hood of one and a large R (for Ronin) on the back of the other.

    Thanks again for making it so easy!!

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