My newborn must haves…Part 1 the Needs

If you are expecting, you have probably picked up most of the things on this list already.
But just in case, these are my Needs you might not know you Needed…

Sleep Gowns
 Yeah, I made it all caps because I wish someone had told me the truth about them! Stop buying all the teeny tiny cute outfits, because chances are half of them will never even be worn. Your baby will most likely spend their first month in either these gowns, or a simple snap sleeper. Trust me, they will definitely make your nightly diaper changes go more smoothly. Get 2 or 3 of the cutesie outfits for pictures or special days, and save the rest of your money for diapers! (Make your own tutorials can be found here and here.)
Pampers Swaddlers
Speaking of diapers…I hate wasting money on them. We usually buy the cheaper brands, but splurging on these for the first few months is totally worth it. That little stripe that changes color when the diaper is soggy, can be a real sleep saver if you want to know if it’s changing time without waking baby up!
Most hospitals use these, so take as many as you can. It’s not stealing. Think of how much $ you’re paying them!
Burp Cloths
This is another GET MORE situation. Spit happens. A LOT.
Go ahead and make a dozen (or 2) more burp rags to add to your collection.
BoppyEnough said. Even if you don’t plan to breast feed buy the pillow, but go ahead and sew your own covers.

Binkie, Paci, Noonie, Dummy, Mute Button
Whatever you call it, you’ll want one! I was really surprised that the hospital didn’t supply one when Corbin was born, but they did with Reli. There is always a big to do about nipple confusion for breast feeding Moms, but we’ve never had a problem. I figure if your little one starts to get mixed up just stop using the bink and they’ll get over it. You might just have to find one that they like. I know we went through at least a half dozen before one “stuck” with Reli. Worry about weaning them off it later. Get some sleep Now! : D
For the Breastfeeding Set

Breast Pump
I don’t want to endorse any particular brand since I’ve only used one hands free system. If you are truly serious about breastfeeding do the research and find something that meets your needs. With our first I thought things would go smoothly and bought a hand pump thinking it would be able to handle the job. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Schedules got wonky, my supply dropped, and there was no way back with that little hand pump. This time around I had to “pump and dump” because of medication only 2 weeks after Corbin was born. 
Oh boy, was I happy that I had upgraded! Be sure to look up open vs. closed systems.
Reusable Hot/Cold Packs
I didn’t think I needed them, but I was wrong. Again.
You may be able to score these at the hospital. Doesn’t hurt to ask the nurses. 
Trust me. You’ll wish you had once your armpit boob starts throbbing!

Nursing Bras
 Bras are another thing that I just hate wasting money on. It is so hard to find something that fits just right, and if you do find the “one”, you better buy a dozen of them immediately because they will probably be discontinued. Yes, this has happened to me. more than once. Being a small person with big boobs (34DD pre-baby) really sucks!  Sorry if that’s TMI, but I’m a tad bitter about the bra department. 
Anyway, back on track…I’m happy to see that the prices seem to have gone down since the last time I did my maternity shopping. I purchased both of the ones pictured above from Target and Love them!  But if you’re wondering, the Medela sleep bra wasn’t terribly supportive, and doesn’t hold up to the wash very well. 
If you happen to have a suggestion about which is the “perfect” nursing bra, I’d love to hear it! 
(and share it with my pregnant friends who are all having the same problem. We’d all adore you forever! : D)
Well, Those are all my Needs. Be sure to check back tomorrow for 
My newborn must haves…Part 2 the Wants.
Thanks for reading!
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4 thoughts on “My newborn must haves…Part 1 the Needs

  1. Just finished with a year of breast feeding in January! I love all your suggestions and agree with them, Sleepers YES (and for me those Kimono style shirts with snaps on the front so you don't have to pull anything over a floppy baby's head) Pampers ABSOLUTELY, Burpcloths YES, Breast Pump YES, Binky YES (and same for us we went through about 5 different kinds, but my son and many of my friends' babies liked the Avent ones best and were able to keep them in).

    I have currently been working on a "MUST HAVE" list of my own for new moms(just to share with friends). But Since you mentioned, I tried probably 20 different nursing bras. I have large breasts to begin with, and while breast feeding they were even larger. I like support, I spent tons of money on bras, but I will say that my favorite ones were Le Mystere. While they are kind of pricey, they are WORTH EVERY PENNY. I like to have an underwire, some women may not, I am not aware if they carry non-underwire. Bras are one thing never to cheap out on, you'll end up spending more just replacing and trying to get one that fits correctly.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing. I would prefer an underwire too. The ones without just don't seem to have the muscle to keep the girls up where they belong.(or where I WISHED they still belonged!);D I'll definitely have to check those bras out!

  2. Petite 34E breastfeeding mom here, advising all not to bother with the Motherhood Maternity underwire nursing bras. They fall apart at the seams (literally!) rather quickly after being washed just a few times. On the other hand, the Motherhood Maternity sleep bras are fantastic and have provided great support. I'll have to try out the Target bras, on your recommendation. Great post, Toni! Thanks!

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