One Month Already?

I can’t believe Corbin is really a month old!
(Last Friday actually, but who’s counting ; )
I’ve been trying to get some pictures to document this special milestone,
but the sun hasn’t decided to cooperate with me these past few days. 
So I decided to get some candid shots of the two munchkins together instead. 



Gotta love how Corbin already knows that his big sister is a little crazy,
and he doesn’t seem to want to catch whatever she’s got!
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One thought on “One Month Already?

  1. Hi Toni, what a well loved little boy. Hey…I just saw a post where a mom took a picture each month at the same spot for one year. ie. place Corbin on his blanket at 1 month, then on the same blanket @ 2 month, then again @ 3 month etc. It was great for scrapbooking. Just an idea, you probably have seen a similar post. Have fun

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