Butterfly Playdate Dress

Last year I went a little crazy in the clothing department of our local thrift store. Somehow it must have gotten into my head that long sleeve tees were going out of style, and I needed enough of them to last through my entire lifetime! Next I cleaned out my closet, finally giving in to the fact that some body parts just never go back to their pre-baby locations. (stupid hips!) Then Ant and his annoyingly dry elbow put holes in more than a half dozen of his work shirts.  Needless to say, one of my resolutions this year was to use up (or at least make a sizeable dent in) my ever growing pile of clothes set aside for refashions.

So recently when I got the urge to get back behind the sewing machine, I grabbed the first long sleeve tee off my pile, and checked another item off one of my Pinterest boards. Yay for productivity!

This is my version of the Playdate Dress by Jess over at Craftiness is Not Optional.

If you don’t already follow her, you’ll definitely want to stop over and check out her blog.

I have no idea how she does it, but Jess seems to constantly be popping out tutorials for the most

ADORABLE outfits. (I secretly think it’s magic!)


The only thing I did differently was to leave off the pockets, and add a giant butterfly.
Go ahead. Gawk at the butterfly…I’ll wait…

Now do you believe that was made with a freezer paper stencil?

Yes. It was a total pain in the tush, but I’m thrilled with how it turned out!



Reli seems to like it too. She thought it was the perfect dress for playing in the sprinklers!

Now only 30 more tees to go…

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